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by The Starving Peasants of Topoliani. . 473 reads.

Anti-Bullshit cannon (And other WMD)

This weapon can destroy any nation that is just super horseshit (Looking at you Hammer Britannia
(Anybody who mentions this weapon will get sued for all of their rare pepes and 50 bucks)
(Edit: The court said they were tired of my nonsense, It is now legal to mention the Anti-Bullshit cannon)

Note: Anyone who claims to own this weapon, looking at you Higher Japan, is spewing faker news than if CNN, Buzzfeed, and /pol/ collaborated on a news story

I have claimed copyright on the Anti-Bullshit cannon if you create a weapon similar to my cannon you will be sued for all of your monies + your cannon

No, anti-anti bullshit cannons don't work against it, nor Anti-Anti-Anti bullshit cannons, Nor Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti bullshit cannons, etc, etc, etc * infinity

It also cannot be stopped, no matter how much Hammer Britannia or Anti anti bullshit cannon likes to believe it (It's a cannon, it can rip through shields)
Checkmate Anti anti bullshit cannon