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Top 20 R/D One Liners to Make Anyone Laugh

1. Defending is a liberating experience.

2. A raider's favourite game is tag.

3. Defenders win because they're fendastic.

4. "I chase on Comcast wifi."

5. "How far can you jump?" "3 regions in 10 seconds."

6. Since when are defenders keeping updated?

7. If you say something offensive to the guy giving orders, does that make them triggered?

8. What do you do when a raider is dawdling? Tell them to get to the point.

9. GO! @everyone

10. Feeders get along really nicely with each other.

11. Salt isn't a banned word on GP.

12. The mods are really consistent on what content is allowed on the NS forums.

13. NS++ is a flawless program!

14. Condemnations mean something.

15. No corruption has ever taken place due to stamp transactions!

16. R/D is definitely not on the verge of deletion due to the predator scandal, no way Josť!

17. Tensions between TBH and TGW are practically non-existent!

18. Nobody has been afraid to speak their mind due to NSGP being volatile.

19. Defenders definitely aren't robots.

20. Elfinism should replace Francoism as the game's largest political ideology.