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TBH Frequently Asked Questions

From plane of light to plane,
wings dipping through
Geometries and orchids that
the sunset builds,
Out of the peak’s black angularity
of shadow, riding
The last tumultuous avalanche
of Light above pines
and the guttural gorge,
The hawk comes.
His wing
Scythes down another day,
His motion
Is that of the honed steel-edge,
we hear The crashless fall
of stalks of Time.

    TBH Frequently Asked Questions

    Let us begin with what raiding isn't:
    Raiding is not nation-based role play; there isn't any "war" between nations. Raiding is also not regional role play, meaning it's not a table top game whereby our nations invade a region and role play out a battle. The nation you use to join The Black Hawks becomes your main, and you will create puppet nations to use as your forces. (This is something you will learn during training).

    What is raiding?
    Raiding is a metagame sanctioned by site administration. The basics: Here on NS, we have the "World Assembly". Nations can join it, giving them the power to elect regional delegates (among other things). In many regions, these delegates have certain powers over the region, allowing them to do such things as change the region's appearance and kick its members out. In short, raiding (also known as invading) is when a bunch of us get together and use this system of delegate elections to elect one of our members as the delegate of another region, and then have some fun there. Since a player can only have one nation in the World Assembly, it takes the combined efforts of many of us to seize and hold regions. If we're not careful, the defenders will take them back from us and return them to their original owners.

    That's it, in a nutshell. Raiding/Defending has been compared to many things: cat-and-mouse; sporting teams playing against each other; etc. Purist raiders will disagree, of course. Raiding is raiding, and not like any other game.

    Unlike other sites where invading is popular, raiders on NationStates have to abide by rules. We can not grief people on a regional message board (RMB). We can not use tools to make jumps for us. TBH frowns on most scripts. We're old fashioned in that regard, but we are a formidable force.

    Misconceptions and propaganda regarding raiders:
    The Black Hawks are not cyberbullies. Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person. TBH do not target individual natives, nor do we seek to embarrass or harass them. As with any competitive game, we do gloat a bit in our report thread. The Black Hawks do not bully... they do not 'use superior strength or influence to intimidate individuals, typically to force him or her to do what one wants'.

    Who are The Black Hawks?
    TBH's raiders have many interests outside of raiding. Some are avid role players. Others enjoy sailing or horseback riding. Some are parents. Some are accomplished writers. We're young and old, rich and poor, students, labourers, executives, scientists, and medical professionals. We are cis and transgender, and cover a wide range of orientations. We're all colors and creeds. We're fam united by a common interest: raiding.

    Why should I join The Black Hawks?
    Founded in 2005, The Black Hawks are one of the oldest and most feared raider organizations on NationStates. We're rather proud of that. We emphasize training and teamwork rather than politics and crapposting. We offer camaraderie. You deserve to soar. We'll help you fledge.

    How do I join The Black Hawks?
    It's a very easy process.

      » Move your nation to The Black Hawks and post a greeting on the Regional Message Board.
      » Join our
      » Post in the Introductions section of our forum. Leadership will be along shortly to ask you some very basic questions.
      » While you're waiting, join our
      LinkDiscord Server so we can say hello!

    What happens after I'm approved?
    Wonderful things, my friend. Great and terrible deeds. But first, you have to be trained. One you are approved, you'll be able to access our guides, and you'll gain access to a new Discord channel to organize your training. Our members work with you as you learn. It's alright to ask questions. It's alright to make noob mistakes. It's a learning process. The more you put in to it, the faster you'll grow. You'll be raiding like a pro in no time!

    How involved do I have to be? Can I still do other things on NationStates?
    We ask that our members be as active in our raiding efforts as possible. We expect basic deployment if you're around at all, and if you choose to go to the advanced level, you get marked inactive if you do nothing for a month.We understand that real life makes this difficult for some. We do not limit you from enjoying other areas on the site. In fact, our members are active in NSG, nation and non-nation roleplay forums, F7, and other haunts. What we do require is conformity to Raider Unity.

    Basic involvement: Deployment orders are posted in the World Factbook Entry at the top of the TBH region page.

      To follow these orders -
      » Create a second nation (known as a "puppet" nation) and join the World Assembly on that nation (and that nation only!) It's important that you do this on a puppet nation so that your main nation can remain here in The Black Hawks, allowing you to keep chatting here, as well as receive future orders!
      » Move it to the region linked in the deployment orders, and endorse everyone the order says to endorse.
      » When you're deployed, you're acting as the main force of the army by securing our targets, assisting in the cleanup, and defending them from assault by our enemies. It is essential that this action occurs as soon as possible, or our operations will fall to our enemies.
      » Check orders daily because they do change.

    Advanced involvement: This is the meat and bones of raiding. We need you on the front lines. Typically, we raid multiple times a week. Most of our operations are "tag runs" that allow our raiders to hone their skills, as well as claim victories for the glory of our organization. You'll learn all of this in training.

      What this requires -
      » You'll create many puppet nations. The amount needed depends on that night's target list. (Your main TBH nation remains in The Black Hawks's region.)
      » You'll need to be on Discord in order to receive orders in live time. Most of our raids occur during the major update, but we do raid during minor updates.
      » You'll follow orders and, depending on how active you are an how much you contribute, you'll rise in rank.

    Who do I contact if I have questions?
    Never hesitate to reach out to Ever-Wandering Souls. You may also contact any of our Regional Officers, or flag down the Council.

    Text excerpts courtesy of Ever-Wandering Souls