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Regional History Project of The Leftist Assembly: Episode #2 The rise and fall of The Leftist Union

Cedoriaís Recollections:
In the initial months of DSUís existence, relations between us and TCR were obviously non-existent, our first Constitution contained a defiant gesture of Independence from TCR, and Socatheiís iron grip appeared unshakeable after his purge of Atealia. While DSU established itself as a democratic socialist region, publicly arguing over the legal and constitutional structure of the region (much of which was the genesis of the political structure we see today in The Leftist Assembly), TCR continued to stagnate under Socathei. For a while though, Socathei was assisted by his able Minister, Lipno, whom had first come to prominence serving under me when I was TCRís Interior Minister under Socatheiís government. Lipno and I purged more law-breakers from TCR in two weeks then almost anybody else had done before (indeed, my dissatisfaction at how arbitrary these bannings were partially spurred my desire for democratic reform in TCR).

When I broke away and abandoned my post to join Atealia and DSU, Lipno remained behind, sending me a nice telegram that he would miss working with me. At the time, I didnít know what to make of it, since in TCR for months after DSUís formation he remained Socatheiís most formidable lieutenant and governing partner. I daresay Lipno was the driving power of the region that prevented the complete collapse of Socatheiís regime from occurring much earlier than it did. Lipno was also a constant critic of DSU in this time so I must confess I neither liked nor trusted him in those early months. However, he was an effective and competent leader in TCRís government, training the regionís military and leading it on some military operations (which the region had previously been almost incapable of performing).

However, Lipno too argued with Socathei, after Lipnoís extensive law and constitutional changes (to be frank, most of which were supported by Socathei initially), caused Socathei to remove him from his post. After a heated public argument between Lipno and Socathei, Lipno left TCR and formed another breakaway region, The Leftist Union. Almost the entire of TCRís military force went with him, in a mass military revolt against Socatheiís Ďleadershipí. These included some future members of DSU and/or TLA, including former Secretary Losinia (then known as Napania).
DSU was quick to establish relations with TLU after its formation. Due to Lipnoís formidable leadership, TLU grew quickly over the next few months, gaining a large population and becoming a formidable Leftist military region. Ably assisted by such players as Bloodia and Napania, Lipno transformed TLU into a major powerhouse that threatened to eclipse both TCR (still ruled by Socathei), and the growing DSU.

However, TLUís promising future was cut tragically short, and we never got to see where this enormously promising and fast-growing region would end up. Lipno was suddenly deleted for violation of site rules, and the remaining leaders of TLU could not agree upon a successor. Despite a protracted fight between potential leaders over a new political system, constitution or Delegate, the fundamental issues caused by Lipnoís sudden deletion could not be resolved. TLU just seemed to collapse in on itself. As quickly as it had burst onto the scene, it was gone.

While I too had been somewhat jealous of TLUís progress (and I still didnít entirely trust Lipno because of how apparently enthusiastically he had been Socatheiís enforcer), I was sad to see how quickly TLU fell apart without his personality and force of will driving it along. Itís members dispersed and the region swiftly collapsed. Many of itís members ended up in The Democratic Socialist Union, and some of those would later participate in the merging with The Communist Region and have since become prominent members of the community here in The Leftist Assembly. Declassified records from TLU in the period after Lipnoís (kindly supplied by a former TLU member) show an unstable political fight to get control of TLU. Bloodia attempted to impose a new regime that was met with criticism by members. Ultimately the region swiftly collapsed as various discussions around whether to attempt a coup against Bloodiaís new regime, re-found the region, or simply leave went awry. Although the history of The Leftist Union was short, it made a meaningful impact on the interregional Left and the history of our regionís development, given some of the members who would later rise to future prominence.

In the meantime, the withdrawal of Lipno and the revolt of TCRís active military force caused Socatheiís government to rot. Although it lingered on for several more months, Socathei remaining as tyrannical and intolerant of opposition as ever, the few faltering attempts to restore the region under his leadership failed. Ultimately, Socathei too was banned and deleted for violating site rules in his behaviour towards some fellow members of TCR. The members of The Communist Region gathered in the wake of his leaving to elect a new Delegate. The tyrant had finally fallen. Although DSU and TCR remained separate entities who at the time were not friendly towards one another, we all celebrated the downfall of the tyrant who had forced us into exile. After our political revolution and Lipnoís military uprising, TCRís dictator had finally met his match by an act of Mod.

Recollections of those involved:

Lipno: I first met Lipno when I served as Interior Minister in TCR. He proved an active and competent helper to me, certainly embracing the role of Commissar with far more enthusiasm then I did. When I abandoned my post, along with many other Democrats and political figures in TCR, and more, dribbling in over time, it was Lipno who became the most active and vigorous leader in TCR under Socatheiís regime. Although he was Socatheiís loyal enforcer at the time (I believed I once referred to him as TCRís Darth Vader), he nonetheless was an efficient and effective leader. I daresay Socatheiís leadership only remained such for as long as it did because of Lipno, who I maintain made Socathei look more effective then he really was. Lipno made sweeping reforms to TCRís stagnant political system (sadly, most of which were not democratic), and more importantly, began the process of reforming it into an active military force. He then did the same when he revolted, along with TCRís entire military force, in TLU. Sadly, his good work in both regions was cut short upon his deletion and banning (although he did return under a new name to build up military competence in DSUís later on for a short time). I now regret my initial mistrust and dislike of Lipno, and I think his message to me upon my leaving TCR was probably genuine. I also think he probably lessened the evils of Socatheiís rule of TCR when he was essentially in power for some weeks as Socatheiís inactivity worsened, and TCR owed its continued functionality largely to Lipno during the middle period of Socatheiís dictatorship. His revolt precipitated itís fall, and in that, he did what Atealia and I were unable to do. If we paved the way for Lipnoís revolt, his revolt paved the way for Socatheiís fall. For this, and his subsequent training of DSUís military force, I and many other comrades owe him a debt of thanks. In hindsight, he was a pleasure to play NS with and I regret not getting to know him better, since I did not know who he really was in DSU until after he left.

Tireseos: Tireseos was an effective and strong leader of DSU after he came to us, and much off the initial development of formal constitutional and legal structures of that region are innovations we owed to him. Many of these changes survive, albeit in updated form, in TLAís present constitution and system of government. I served as a Minister in Tireseosís government and worked with him well (although we werenít close comrades). I always found him a good and effective leader who accomplished a lot. I would hope he might return one day, and if he did, I would welcome him to TLA with open arms.

Napania/Losinia: Somebody Iíd known for a very long time, although he did not join DSU after itís split with TCR. I liked Nap at the time however, and when Lipno revolted, Nap was a military figure who went with him. While many people are no doubt more negative towards Losinia because of more recent developments here in TLA, and his actions during the April Crisis, he was one of the first expats to join DSU after TLU collapsed. He served as Delegate there, and I still maintain he did an alright job. He and I became close friends, and although recent events tested our relationship, whatever political disagreements we developed later, I was and am proud to say he is my comrade. Iím glad he returned to TLA and made his peace with us in more recent times, and hope he returns again one day to serve our region in some humble capacity as he has done well before.

Atealiaís Recollections:

The Leftist Union was very similar to the Democratic Socialist Assembly, but it came from a very different place within TCR. DSU was formed by the opposition that was against Socathei and CSSR, TLU however was formed by their closest ally. DSU was primarily a political revolt while TLU was a military one. Honestly, given the differences, it's a wonder the community of DSU and TLU related to eachother so well. There was even talk of the two regions uniting, and while nothing ultimately came of this. It's a clear example of the closeness of the communities.

TLU, from the outset seemed to have one focus, being the best armed force within the leftist community. Sheer numbers never allowed that to really happen but they were immensely effective during their short time of activity. At the time I was the delegate of DSU and I was legitimately jealous of their success, but ultimately it was just good to see a strong ally in TLU. At some point due to the deletion of its founder, Lipno, due to violation of site rules. The community in TLU fell apart a dispersed. Some going to das kommune, The Internationale, North Korea, and of course the Democratic Socialist Union. Two of these for TLU members would even end up being delegates in DSU.

Those involved:

Lipno - I miss Lipno as times, a strong ally for a very long time and somebody I still consider a friend (I don't know if the feeling is mutual but regardless my opinion of him isn't really changed). Lipno was very much the backbone of TLU so it's no surprise it fell apart after he was deleted. He was incredibly effective as a military commander, and, when residing in DSU under a proxy with a new name he whipped the collection of idiots (myself included) that was the DSU united armed forces into shape. Many former member of TCR and DSU have a negative opinion of him bug I hope that changes some day. If he ever is allowed go return to nation states I would love to welcome him to TLA as well.

Tireseos - basically the person who designed the base everything that you see in TLA. Tireseos created the style of fact book the government used, and created the entire design of how poltcial parties outline look. While I was the first to have thd idea. It was Tireseos who really set the system into motion in DSU. In my opinion. He also oversaw the first major step towards reunification as delegate by improving relations with TCR. Tireseos was, in my opinion, far and away the best leader this community has ever had.

Napania/Losinia - Another expat that joined DSU, Napania was a close ally from the beginning. Diligent and hard working in his efforts, he always worked to improve DSU in any way he could. I don't know much of what he had done in TLU but if his work in DSU is any indication, he was definitely important to that region's development. While I don't think losinia was the best delegate in DSU. He has always had the best intentions and I'm glad to call him a friend.