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History of the region.

History of the Council
Region: Council of Islamic States.
Founded: January 2017 by Arabia and the gulf states
Refounded: 30th August 2017 by Hadhari
January 2017 - August 2017
    Founder: Arabia and the gulf states
    Succeeded by: Hadhari (former Sultan of Foreign Affairs)
    WA Delegate: Arabia and the gulf states

30th August 2017 - 30th January 2017

    Founder: Hadhari
    WA Delegate: Khalifah islamiyyah mindanao

31st January 2017 - 4th of March 2017

5th March 2017 - 7th May 2017

8th May - 14th July

    Founder: Hadhari
    Grand vizier: Pakistan star
    Deputy Grand Vizier: Azadkarim

20 July 2018 - 10 January 2019

    Founder/WA Delegate: Hadhari

    Democratic system has been abolished due to lack of politician quota but the government reforming will be under the power of the Caliph. The Caliph State is establish where's the founder are the ruler and the WA Delegate.

11 January - Present

    Founder: Hadhari
    Grand Vizier:Townsvalley
    Deputy Grand Vizier: Unfilled

The Grand Vizier elected by founder. To form Government Cabinet.

Background of the Council
Council of Islamic States is the new refounded region after it was left founderless when its first founder Arabia and the gulf states ceased to exist. At the time, Hadhari was the sultan of Foreign Affairs in the regional government.
The revolution started when Tekorastan, a veteran member of the region started to overthrow the government. In actuality, Tekorastan has been associated with Dawn and its founder, New ex patria. The deceitful move failed when Hadhari found out and further provoked Tekorastan and then both nations found themselves fighting against each other which led to the region dividing.
UNN, a defender-leaning organisation was involved after Hadhari asked them for help and supports because Hadhari was worried CoIS would be rule by an evil dictatorship with Tekorastan as its supreme leader.
The UNN mission took 16 days after which all nations were evacuated as refugees at UNN HQ on temporary temporary basis until Hadhari emerged as the victor from the conflict. Hadhari later succeeded in refounding the region back.
29th August 2017 was a historical moment and all the efforts finally paid off. On 30th August 2017,
Hadhari ascended the position of the new founder and on 31st August 2017, the declaration of independence was made with the region has been re-established. The nations then endorsed Khalifah islamiyyah mindanao as the WA delegate.
Later, amidst all the former conflicts, the first appointed government of Council of Islamic States was standing by their own rules, laws and became one of the only region on NationStates which introduced the Islamic Law as its regional constitution with the principle of "no laws are above God's laws". The introduction of the Islamic Law was the brainchiled of the Judge of the States, Wolfreign (has resigned, replaced by Astakona as States Prosecutor).
The military of the region expanded under the leadership of Khorason as The Commando in Chief with its main function of maintaining stability and security of the Council especially R/D threats such as raiding in the future while trying to assist other Islamic regions to build their own community on NS.
Timeline of Khilafa Era (Caliphate Era) in the Council of Islamic States
Even though the Council of Islamic States is considered as a new region but its tragical history was indeed interesting. There were two Khilafa Era (Caliphate Era) in the region. The first Khilafa Era was known as the era of Khilafa Al Uthaymeen, led by Ibn Uthaymeen, the head of state of Arabia and the gulf states. The second Khilafa era, the current era, is the era of Khilafa Al Hadhara under the leadership of Syaiff Al Rahman, the head of state of Hadhari.
See the timeline here:

Timeline of Caliphates era

Khilafa al Uthaymeen
(January 2017- August 22nd 2017)

In the time of khilafa Al Uthaymeen, the first khilafa was Ibn Uthymeen the leader of Arabia and the gulf states. He was very straight especially about nations classifications. All nations must changed to Sultanate or else will be ejects in 3days.
He also as known as the "Father of Pioneer"

Khilafa al Hadhara era
(August 29th-now)

Read factbook

Reforming the Government
In November 2017, the government took some drastic steps which in particular enlarged the scale of the government system by recognizing the establishment of many new Ministries which were then changed to Jemaah Wazir(ah) or Viziers under the Caliphate reign. The new Ministries included the Ministry of Communication and Propaganda. The position of Grand Vizier and Deputy Grand Vizier also respectively established to act as the main representative and executive leader of the Council.
The list of Jemaah Wazir(ah) or Viziers under the Caliphate reign:-
Al Wazir(ah) Jamma'ah