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The Magic

[b][size=150]The Magic[/size][/b]
[b][i]International Book[/i][/b]
[i]This issue of The Magic is an introductory issue to nations who have little or no control or power over magic. This book contains the basic magic of Lightia.

This book should not be used to conclude the magical power of Lightia, for its magical power is far more superior than that of in this book.[/i]

[spoiler=#001: Rune of Fire]
[b]#001[/b] [i]Rune of Fire[/i]

[b]METHOD OF USAGE[/b] [i]A sorcerer would summon the fire through the thoughts in his mind. Once his thoughts are connected which they rune on the place of the intentioned place of summon, the rune would burn. However will not be burnt and the sorcerer will be given power to take the rune away without the need for injuries.

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] Unknown Source[/i]
[b]LIGHTIANS DISCOVERY[/b] [i]1656[/i]

[spoiler=#002: Zapping Powers]
[b]#002[/b] [i]Zapping Powers[/i] 
[i]Laser, Magical Electricity, Dark Matter (through Magic), Elements of the Existential Periodic Table et cetera...[/b]

[b]YOU MUST KNOW...[/b] Only chosen ones have the given ability to use the power of zapping forces, forces such as listed above. For example, Magically-powered Dark Matter, which is used to make artificial Dark Matter and then at will, convert it to Dark Power, which can energise as much power in centillions of homes when compared to fossil fuel, when can at the same ratio, give power to one car for a kilometre driving at twenty five kilometres per hour (15.3 miles per hour)

[b]METHOD OF USAGE[/b] Chosen ones would use brain power to use zapping power. Chosen ones have the ability to choose which zapping power they want in their mind.

For example, a man who zaps dark matter to a lamp as the dark matter would have, at will, converted to dark power, which gives electricity.

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] Scenes where sorcerers use their fingers to zap magic.[/i]
[b]LIGHTIAN DISCOVERY[/b] [i]1656 (Electricity); 1660 (Laser); 1664 (Elements); 1739 (Dark Matter); 1760 (Convertion to Dark Power)[/i][/spoiler]

[spoiler=#003: Magical Robots]
[b]#003[/b] [i]Magical Robots[/i]

[b]METHOD OF USAGE[/b] [i]Through the work of the mind and a zap, a lifeless piece of metal can come to life with a magical force driving it.

A person would use zapping power to zap a lifeless object with dark power, which would give it life. Next, through mind commands, a person can control a robot’s actions without malfunctioning should it work soundly in the person’s mind.[/i]

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] [i]NATION USER (2018)[/i]
[b]LIGHTIAN DISCOVERY[/b] [i]1662[/i]

[spoiler=#004: Brightian Magical Power Plants]
[b]#004[/b] [i]Magical Power Plants (nicknamed Brigtian)[/i]

[b]METHOD OF USAGE[/b] [i]Magical Power Plants use manpower, as men would zap loads of electricity with their mind, and instead of coming out of their hand, is teleported into a vent that sends energy to each household.[/i]

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] [i]Dark Power[/i]
[b]LIGHTIAN DISCOVERY[/b] [i]1726[/i]

[spoiler=#005: Magical Guns]
[b]#005[/b] [i]Magical Guns[/i]

[b]METHOD OF USAGE[/b] [i]Pull the trigger on these Magical Guns, and a gaseous, spell will be teleported to the enemy(s) of choice. These forces will in turn, take action by causing ‘a pain much more than that of pregnancy,’ bleeding, then causing the stop of blood flow in the heart, sometimes even exploding, killing the person in a matter of nanoseconds.

However amazing, this is actually one of the least used weapon in the Lightian Armes Forces as it is considered ‘Past Technology.’[/i]

[b]LIGHTIAN INVENTED[/b] [i]1688[/i]

[i]The L-522, a magic gun that is reserved for the disabled in the military, those who use mind power to pull the trigger.[/i]

[spoiler=#006: Indestructible Planets]
[b]#006[/b] [i]Indestructible Planets[/i]

[b]INTRODUCTION & HOW?[/b] [i]The answer to why all nations have failed miserably to collapse internal cores of Lightian planets have remained one of the biggest mysteries in all of existence, until this will reveal why.

Our planets cores are protected with a magical, phantom forced and glued solid core, which through fantasy magic, is literally, and no matter what, [b][u]indestructible.[/u][/b][/i]

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] [i]NATION USER (2017)[/i]
[b]LIGHTIAN DISCOVERY[/b] [i]1711[/i]

[spoiler=#007: Lightian Planetary Destruction]
[b]#007[/b] [i]Lightian Planetary Destruction[/i]

[b]HOW?[/b] [i]Other Nations’ planets, mostly do not have a phantom forced core, so their planets can easily be destroyed with the work of ‘core-collapsing.’

How, then, will we destroy nations of planets who posses phantom-forced cores? Found in a book in a secret Government building, holds the instructions to a spell that can easily break a the phantom forced of a planet’s core, and destroy it. For the sake of secrecy, the location of this book and its instructions are kept secret.[/i]

[b]ACT INSPIRED BY[/b] [i]NATION USER (2017)[/i]
[b]LIGHTIAN DISCOVERY[/b] [i]Core-Collapsing: 1702; 
Magic Spell: 1776[/i]