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☠ You Are a Pirate! (Or You Could Be...) Join TWPAF! ☠


[b]☠ [i]Arr[/i] you a [url=]pirate?[/url][i][color=#b9172e] Sail with TWPAF today![/color][/i] ☠[/b] [/size] [/center]

[center][font=courier new][color=tan][size=400]
[b]TO THE SEAS![/b][/size][hr]
[size=150]If you were wondering what the next new and exciting thing to do on NationStates was going to be, you've found it! Whether you're new or have been here a while and looking for a change, if you're craving a new adventure, TWPAF has your answer![/size][/color]

[b][size=300][color=black]Recruits Wanted for the 
 Dastardly Crew of Pirates 
[url=]The West Pacific[/url][/color][/size][/b]


[color=tan][size=150]Join TWPAF! 
Your schedule and skill don't matter, we'll teach you everything you need to know! Just answer the call of the seas to earn your coin as a Pirate, and we'll take care of the rest!

Even if raiding's not your thing, don't worry! Join the Pirate Inquisition and there is still work you can do! Like: Writing WFEs, making propoganda posters, piling when we need support, being an absolutely unexpected inquisition secret spy force, welcoming new Crewmates in, and more![/font][/size][/color]



[center][font=courier new][color=white]
[size=400][u]The Pirate Code[/u][/size]
[size=150][i] 1) All booze belongs to [nation=short]Davelands[/nation], The Pirate King!

2) If pirates are present, pirates are winning. 

3) Pirates answer to no one except their own.

4) Pirates who can't support their Crew will walk the plank.

5) All your booty are belong to us.

6) Pirates will be respectful on an ally's ship. 

7) Pirates will respect the chain of command.

8) Wha' in Davy Jones' locker did he just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat?

9) Pirates will never pass up a chance to be cute or evil.

10) Pirates will respect the code.


[background-block=tan][font=courier new][center][size=150]
Create a forum account and fill out this application to join the crew:

Create a account and join our military operations channel: 
[url=]Military Ops[/url]

Make sure you join the regular citizens chatroom too: 
[url=]Civilian Channel[/url]

Telegram [nation]Overthinkers[/nation] so I know it's you, and upvote this dispatch!


The Scary Pirate Owl of Altincredible