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Observer Mission of Jeltronia to the World Assembly

Observer Mission of Jeltronia
to the World Assembly

Incumbent: Michel Badour

The Observer Mission of Jeltronia to the World Assembly is the diplomatic mission representing the Kingdom of Jeltronia at the World Assembly.

Jeltronia is not a member of the World Assembly but participates in some limited form through mission, which is charged with the responsibility to communicate Jeltronian interests and concerns to the international body.

In addition, the Jeltronian observer mission also aids the royal government craft policy regarding Jeltronian relations with the WA, including recommending official positions on resolutions being discussed in the General and Security councils that are of interest to Jeltronia and helps the government keep track of multilateral issues of consequence.

The mission is headed by the Ambassador of Jeltronia to the WA, officially known as the Observer of Jeltronian at the WA. The diplomatic mission is under the purview of the Ministry for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

The Permanent Staff of the Mission:

Mr. Michel Badour

Ms. Yvon Fréchette

Mr. Lewis Herrmann
First Secretary

Mr. Mason Washburne

Mr. Gary Jones

Ms. Magdalena Kassas

Ms. Lourdes Petitclerc
Administrative Assistant

Former Observers:

Mr. Robert Lugar

The Nabetseican Kingdom of Jeltronia