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Yarn Fest--September 2017

Welcome to Yarn-Fest! This is a creative competition created to promote the sharing and spreading of ideas, and communication between both nations and regions alike. The goal is simple, to determine who can write the best yarn! For those of you who don't know, a yarn is another term for story. This event will be judged by Torranta and Confederation of tesdai.

The rules are simple. Those who fail to comply will be disqualified.

    1. Nations will have 2 weeks to write and submit their stories. (September 25-October 8).

    2. There is no limit to how long your story can be. While you will not be disqualified for sending us 39 pages, you will make us judges very sad.

    3. You may only submit ONE story. Those who send in more will have any and all stories eliminated.

    4. All submitions must be sent via telegram to BOTH Torranta and Confederation of tesdai.

    5. Your story must be FICTIONAL, and it mustn't be plagiarized. I will know if you do.

    6. Each judge will score the stories out of 30. 10 points for Entertainment Value, 10 points for Creativity, and 10 points for grammar.

    Format: Entertainment Value: 10

    Creativity: 10

    Grammar: 10

    Total: 30

    7. Judges, note that some sentences may be grammatically incorrect for dramatic or figuarative emphasis. Do not take off points if you recognize this.

    8. Judges may score in decimals up to the hundredths place. For example: 9.24. No further.

    9. The final score is the average of both judges' scores.

    10. The story with the highest score is declared the winner, and is granted bragging rights and is given the title, "Heavy-weight Yarn-spinning Champion of the World." Both the nation name and winning story will be recorded for posterity.

I will make a Dispatch containing the entries with the final scores, and another Dispatch without the entries but including a more detailed scoreboard. I may also record the top yarn from each region.

Regions included will be:

Chief Trade Officer
Lands End