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The Coalition of Free Nations

Coalition of Free Nations
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The COFN is committed to protecting and providing hospitality to each other's citizens and non-military vehicles.

The COFN is committed to the goal of researching and the eventual attainment of renewable energy technology.

The COFN is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes and the protection and defence of other members.

The COFN is committed to nurturing and providing eductional opportunities to each other's student citizens.

The COFN is committed to the reduction of trade barriers between them and providing hospitality for workers.

The COFN is committed to the promotion and protection of democracy and stability in the Western Isles.






Ian Wellworth



Lord Benedict Cross



Michel de Sarret



Dora Efrin


Polar Svalbard

Christa Collins



Ilene Qahart



Markuss Olsson



Jemima Reynolds



Paulo Cherefbèr



Each member country has a permanent delegation at the COFN’s political headquarters in the Coalition Building in the International District. Each delegation is lead by an 'ambassador', who represents their government in the decision-making process. Click below to watch declassified meetings of the Coalition.


The Coalition of Free Nations, hereafter "the Coalition" maintains the following charter:

    Section I: Membership

      Any nation who meets the following requirements may join the Coalition:

      1. The nation is independent, self-governed, and free from major outside interference.
      2. The nation is a democracy, republic, or a similar form of government in which the citizens of the nation are adequately represented.
      3. The nation is capitalist, and allows citizens and businesses the benefit of self-determination.
      4. The nation respects worldwide standards of human rights.
      5. The nation has either attended the Illa Isle Conference or was vouched for by at least three nations currently in the Coalition.
      6. The nation's entrance into the Coalition was not vetoed by the nation of Vancouvia.

    Section II: Withdrawal

      1. Any nation may, at any time, withdraw from the Coalition, provided that they give adequate notice to all nations in the Coalition.
      2. Any nation that does not act in accordance with the terms of this agreement may be removed from the Coalition following a majority vote to such aim.
      3. Any nation may re-apply for entrance into the Coalition following a period of two months from the date of their withdrawal or four months from the date of their removal.

    Section III: Communication

      1. All heads of state of the Coalition are to maintain open and direct lines of communication with all other heads of state.
      2. All delegates and representatives that are assigned to the Coalition by their respective states are to maintain similar lines of communication.
      3. Members of the Coalition are to meet at least every two months during even numbered months to discuss matters of relevance and significance. These summits shall take place in various nations on a rotating schedule.
      4. Any major international events, declarations, or measures are to be shared first with the members of the Coalition if feasible to do so.
      5. All members of the Coalition are encouraged to install embassies in all other Coalition countries if not already done so.

    Section IV: Conduct

      1. All Coalition nations must carry out the terms of this agreement and any subsequent Coalition agreements in good-faith.
      2. No Coalition nation may act hostilely to any other Coalition nation in any overt or covert manner.
      3. Coalition nations are to act in a friendly and mutually beneficial manner towards other Coalition nations.
      4. Coalition nations are encouraged to offer aid to any Coalition nations that are subject to disaster, war, or any other major calamity.

    Section V: Travel

      1. All Coalition citizens may engage in temporary vacation or business travel in all Coalition nations provided they have adequate passports and documents.
      2. All Coalition nations must allow each others' nation's non-military airplanes and ships access to their airports and ports.
      3. All Coalition nations must provide adequate shelter and hospitality for any Coalition travelers marooned in their nation due to natural disaster, war, or other major calamity until such time as they may safely return home.

    Section VI: Energy

      1. The attainment of clean and renewable energy in all Coalition nations shall be a goal of this Coalition.
      2. Any clean and renewable energy corporations in Coalition nations should seek to build clean and renewable energy power sources internationally in other Coalition nations.
      3. Such corporations are encouraged to be subsidized by Coalition nations.
      4. Such corporations are encouraged to undergo mergers and acquisitions so as to efficiently create clean and renewable power through economies of scale.
      5. All research concerning clean and renewable energy is encouraged to be shared with other Coalition nations.

    Section VII: Defense

      1. All military vessels are encouraged to adopt unique and recognizable call-signs.
      2. All Coalition nations are encouraged to allow other Coalition nations' militaries access to their refueling and resupplying depots, and respite in their lands and waters during time of natural disaster, war, or other major calamity.
      3. During peacetime of Coalition nations, all military vessels are required to aid in the rescue of other close-by Coalition vessels and citizens which are in immediate danger.
      4. All Coalition nations are required to aid in the war against pirating, and must, when feasible for them to do so, capture or sink pirate vessels, rescue Coalition vessels and citizens that have been captured by pirates, and share all intelligence relating to pirate locations and movements.

    Section VIII: Education

      1. All Coalition nations are encouraged to allow Coalition students access to learn in universities and colleges in their nation.
      2. All Coalition nations are encouraged to allot reasonably similar degrees the same weight and respect regardless of which Coalition nation such degrees were earned.
      3. A Coalition Council is to be formed from representatives of the Coalition with the task of standardizing degree requirements between Coalition nations.

    Section IX: Business and Trade

      1. All Coalition businesses are encouraged to hire from other Coalition nations in a competitive and fair manner.
      2. No Coalition business may engage in discrimination based solely on the worker's nation of origin.
      3. All Coalition nations are encouraged to reduce trade barriers and restrictions with other Coalition nations.
      4. No Coalition nation may embargo or otherwise significantly restrict trade with any other Coalition nation.

    Section X: International Affairs

      1. This Coalition is to act contrary to totalitarianism, imperialism, tyranny, and authoritarianism.
      2. This Coalition is to strive for the self-determinism, safety, freedom, happiness, and well-being of all peoples throughout the region.
      3. This Coalition is to act united when feasible.
      4. This Coalition is to serve as a basis for further international agreements that will increase the bonds between Coalition nations.

    Section XI: Amendments

      1. This document may be edited following at least a three-fourths agreement.

    Section XII: Signatures

      The following representatives sign this agreement on behalf of their countries:

        Ian Wellworth, Ambassador of Vancouvia
        Lord Benedict Cross, Ambassador of Atnaia
        Michel de Sarret, Ambassador of Verdon
        Dora Efrin, Ambassador of Ostehaar
        Christa Collins, Ambassador of Polar Svalbard
        Ilene Qahart, Ambassador of Keomora SIGNED 5/28/16
        Markuss Olsson, Ambassador of Norstham SIGNED 11/19/16
        Jemima Reynolds, Ambassador of Noronica SIGNED 11/19/16
        Paulo Cherefbèr, Ambassador of Segentova SIGNED 5/10/17

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