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JRS S-09617

The S-09617 is a new class of nuclear-powered, multipurpose submarines. When finished, they will be the largest submarines in service in the Jeltronian Navy. The S-09617 will is officially described as a Special Missions mother submarine, designed to carry both manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. even a midget submarine, and heavy payloads. It is also reported to that it will carry the rumored Kraken strategic weapon, although when out on missions, each sub will only focus on a particular role. It can perform missions for intelligence, surveillance and relevant equipment emplacement, aswell as servicing military and civilian equipment on the seabed.

It's central compartment will have special equipment installed, lock chambers to move seafarers in deep-sea vehicles, as well as divers exit.

Displacement: greater than 14,700 tonnes surfaced (est. 17,000 tonnes), 24,000 tonnes submerged (estimated 30,0000 tonnes)
Length: 184 meters
Beam: 18.2 meters
Speed: < 32 knots
Range: Unlimted
Endurance: Approximately 4 months
Operating depth: Estimated as 500-520 meters
Propulsion: nuclear (2 x pressurized water reactor B2-760M with a capacity of 190 MW driving two steam turbines and twin screws. Plus at least two outboard thrusters.
Crew: Estimated 110
Armament: 6 x Kraken nuclear torpedoes (if fitted), 2 x 650 mm and 4 x 533 mm torpedo tubes with up to 28 torpedoes