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The Federation of Anarchist Communes is a stateless region, home to a passionate community of anti-authoritarian revolutionaries.

Our region is self-organised, in accordance with anarchist principle, as a federation of freely associating equals. In the absence of any constituted government, agreements are forged between everyone who chooses to participate, through consensus-building discussion, upon a foundation of individual autonomy and collective equality. This process of voluntary agreement is facilitated by the Enactor, a role open to anyone who volunteers.

"From the free participation of all, by means of the spontaneous grouping of men according to their requirements and their sympathies, from the bottom to the top, from the simple to the complex, starting with the most urgent interests and arriving in the end at the most remote and most general, a social organisation would emerge the function of which would be the greatest well-being and the greatest freedom for everybody, and would draw together the whole of mankind into a community of comradeship, and would be modified and improved according to changing circumstances and the lessons learned from experience. This society of free people, this society of friends is anarchy." [Errico Malatesta]

Our region has seen growth and loss, turbulence and tranquility, mergers and migration; from here we will continue to evolve in the direction freely chosen by each and all.

What is Anarchism?

"Anarchism is a doctrine that aims at the liberation of peoples from political domination and economic exploitation by the encouragement of direct or non-governmental action. [...] Anarchy is the goal of anarchists: the society variously described to be without government or without authority; a condition of statelessness, of free federation, of ‘complete’ freedom and equality based either on rational self-interest, co-operation or reciprocity. [...] Anarchists reject the state because they believe it to be iniquitous and unnecessary; because it inhibits the expression of freedom, most importantly, through exploitation and alienation. Anarchists typically reject all forms of government, authority and power but accept the possibility of self-government, acknowledge the role of natural authority and rely on notions of collective or individual power to accomplish the state’s abolition. Anarchists typically identify anarchism with liberty, but have different ideas about what it means to be free and are divided about whether communitarianism or libertarianism offers the best conditions for the realization of liberty." [Ruth Kinna]

Introductory works on anarchism:

Anarchist Communism

LinkAnarchy, by Errico Malatesta
LinkThe Conquest of Bread, by Peter Kropotkin
LinkWhat is Anarchism?, by Alexander Berkman


LinkA Very Short Introduction to Anarcho-Syndicalism, by Libcom
LinkAnarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism, by Rudolf Rocker
LinkFighting for ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle, by Solidarity Federation


LinkAnarchism: The Feminist Connection, by Peggy Kornegger
LinkAnarcha-feminism and the Newer “Woman Question”, by Sallydarity
LinkSocialism, Anarchism And Feminism, by Carol Ehrlich

Insurrectionist Anarchism

LinkSome notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism, by sasha k
LinkAt Daggers Drawn with the Existent, its Defenders and its False Critics, by [anonymous]
LinkThe Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement, by the "Killing King Abacus" Editors

Market Anarchism

LinkFree Market Socialism: An Introduction, by Nathan Goodman
LinkMarkets Not Capitalism [Audiobook], Edited by Gary Chartier and Charles W. Johnson
LinkMarket Anarchism FAQ, by C4SS


LinkThe Ego and His Own, by Max Stirner
LinkThe Right To Be Greedy: Theses On The Practical Necessity Of Demanding Everything, by the "For Ourselves" Collective
LinkAgainst the Logic of Submission, by Wolfi Landstreicher

Other useful links:


  • Activity in the FAC mostly revolves around discussion and debate on the Regional Message Board.

  • Everyone is encouraged to participate in the decision making process. Anyone can put forward a Proposal for the region to consider, and we encourage everyone to make their voice heard in debating and voting throughout the process of free agreement.

  • Contribute to the next issue of our anarchist publication, "Cry of Rebellion".

  • Volunteer for The Red Fleet to join the struggle against fascism in addition to defending our allies.

  • The World Assembly is a matter for individual nations to treat as they wish: all nations, including the Delegate, vote in the World Assembly however they desire; all nations endorse each other as they so choose; anyone can hold the WA Delegacy.

  • Feel free to bring up any ideas to change the region, so that we may continue to grow and adapt, reflecting the changing ideas of a community of equals.

The Decision Making Process

Most regions will have some form of Government in place: an elite who legislate decisions on internal affairs and represent the region externally, which brings about the struggle for power through hollow electoralism or contemptible despotism. Ours is an anarchist region and so we aim to eliminate all forms of hierarchy and transcend pernicious power struggles. Therefore we have no Government, no constitution or laws, instead we freely agree on issues as they become relevant. Where structures need to be established, rules set, or decisions made, the membership of the F.A.C. reach a consensus agreement between one another on an egalitarian basis. We have a separate, majoritarian process for deciding on embassy construction and withdrawal.

Where necessary, Federal Agreements will be put into effect by an Enactor or Founder. The Enactors and the Founder have no privileges and hold no more power than any other member of the Federation in reaching agreements; these roles are limited to the specified administrative function. Any member of the Federation may volunteer as an Enactor, but may be recalled and replaced as agreed by the Federation.

Federal Agreement Voting Process

  1. All ideas and issues concerning the F.A.C. begin as the subject of free discussion, initiated by anyone, on the Regional Message Board. It is encouraged at this stage that any differences in views are made clear and that the subject of discussion is fully explored.


    1. Any member of the F.A.C. may follow up on ideas expressed in open discussion by putting forward a Proposal, which must be formally announced on the Regional Message Board.;


    1. The Proposal must be put under the collective scrutiny of the F.A.C. The full consequences of the Proposal should be considered, including whether it reflects our anarchist principles and whether it meets the desires and requirements of the members of the F.A.C. without quelling the autonomy or dissent of any member.

  4. VOTING is initiated once the debate reaches its conclusion, as determined by the Enactor.

    1. The vote remains open for 4 days;

    2. All members of the F.A.C. may vote once and may vote either FOR, ABSTAIN, or VETO;

    3. The Proposal is accepted and becomes a Federal Agreement if it has at least one vote FOR and no VETOs.


    1. A seperate process of free agreement has been established to determine the opening and closing of embassies.

    2. If any member of the F.A.C. suspects that this process of free agreement is being abused they may propose that the accused party be disenfranchised.

      1. The disenfranchisement of a member of the F.A.C. is agreed upon by the process set out in this document, and may be revoked by the same process.

      2. A disenfranchised member may not put forward Proposals and may not vote, but may take part in discussion and debate.

      3. A disenfranchisement does not change the result of any vote before the disenfranchisement was agreed upon.

Embassy Voting Process

  1. Any member of the F.A.C. may propose that an embassy be opened with another region, or that an existing embassy be withdrawn, by stating any such proposal on the Regional Message Board. All embassy requests from other regions will be considered unless otherwise agreed.

  2. The Enactor will directly initiate a vote on any internal embassy proposal or external embassy request;

  3. The vote remains open for 4 days;

  4. All members of the F.A.C. may vote once and may vote either FOR, ABSTAIN, or AGAINST;

  5. The embassy proposal passes on condition that:

    1. At least three-quarters of votes are cast FOR, excluding abstentions; and

    2. More votes are cast FOR than ABSTAIN.

Anti-Oppressive Agreement

  1. The Federation of Anarchist Communes affirms a zero tolerance anti-fascist stance. As such, both the Enactor and Founder may (1) Eject and ban fascist nations, (2) Reject embassy requests from fascist or fascist-associated regions, without prior agreement by the Federation. If a nation or region has been incorrectly/unjustly identified as fascist, any member of the Federation may challenge the decision and propose that it be reversed.

  2. The Federation of Anarchist Communes affirms an anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-sexist, and anti-capitalist stance. As such, both the Enactor and Founder may at their discretion: (1) Eject and ban nations which propogate positions of bigotry in violation of these stances, (2) Eject and/or Ban nations banned from other regions for propogating similar bigotry if they move to the FAC, (3) Supress posts made by such nations, and finally (4) Eject and Ban any nation who spams/trolls/or harasses members of the FAC; without prior agreement by the Federation. If a nation or region has been incorrectly/unjustly ejected, banned, or disenfranchised, any member of the Federation may challenge the decision and propose that it be reversed as per the federally agreed Voting Procedure.



  1. Definitions

    1. "Member Region" shall refer to any region that has been admitted to the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft.

    2. "Military" shall refer to a gameplay military organization.

    3. "NSLeft citizen" shall refer to any nation that is considered a citizen or appropriate regional equivalent of any member region.

  2. Member Regions

    1. New regions may be admitted by a majority vote of member regions.

    2. Member regions may be dismissed by a two-thirds vote of member regions.

    3. Member regions shall cast their votes in accordance with the decision-making processes selected by their regional government.

    4. The voting period will last twelve days. Member regions that do not cast a vote will be considered to have abstained.

    5. A majority of member regions must cast a vote in order for the results to be considered binding.

  3. Interregional Relations and Defense

    1. All member regions shall maintain peace with one another and shall resolve conflicts with other member regions through diplomacy.

    2. Regional militaries and interregional military organizations associated with the NSLeft shall provide for the defense of member regions.

    3. The NSLeft shall be a voluntary member of Antifa.

  4. Promotion of Interregional Activity

    1. NSLeft citizens may propose and organize interregional activities, such as discussions, festivals, and roleplays, among the member regions.

    2. The website "" shall serve as a shared space for interregional NSLeft activities. Participants will be expected to adhere to the NSLeft Code of Conduct.

    3. The Red + Black shall be the official interregional news organ of the NSLeft, to be published and shared on member regions' Regional Message Boards. Any NSLeft citizen may submit material to be published in the Red + Black.

    4. The NSLeft Discord server shall be open to all NSLeft citizens who adhere to its Code of Conduct. The NSLeft Discord server shall use NSLeft Discord authentication to prevent identity theft.

  5. Amendments

    1. Member regions may propose amendments to this Pact.

    2. Amendments may be accepted by a two-thirds vote of member regions. A majority of member regions must cast a vote for the vote to be considered binding.

    3. The voting period will last twelve days. Member regions that do not cast a vote will be considered to have abstained.

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The Federation of Anarchist Communes is a member of the Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft; committed to resolving conflict through dialogue, actively defending one another when threatened or invaded, and promoting interregional activity.

LINKS: Member Regions | LinkNSLeft Forum | LinkNSLeft Discord Server | LinkRed+Black News Service


Voluntary protectors of democracy, equality, liberty and freedom, delivers of justice, we are Antifa and we are everywhere.

United as a diverse Anti-Fascist force, we stand in resistance to hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression promoted by the forces of fascism.


Deny fascism a platform to spread hate, tyranny, intolerance and oppression on NationStates.

Protect innocent regions against fascist invasion and oppression.

Membership (Conditions):

Antifa is welcoming and encouraging of ANY region or nation of who wish to stand up and fight the good fight. There will be NO ideological barriers with the obvious exception of Nazis and Fascists.

However the following policies must be adhered to by voluntary member regions:

- Must not have Fascist, Totalitarian tags on their own region.

- Must not have embassies with Fascist, Totalitarian tagged regions.

- Willing to provide WA endorsement support for Antifa operations (Liberation's, invasions and defenses).

- There will be no infighting when it comes to Antifa operations or regions with regard to ideological or personal differences. You cannot win a war fighting with your brothers and sisters. What you debate in your own regions/telegrams is of no concern to the collective or its mission.

- Your region sends a representative to reside in Antifa, for reportive and conversational purposes.

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The Federation of Anarchist Communes is a Voluntary Member of Antifa; we encourage willing militants to join The Red Fleet to coordinate our antifascist resistance.

LINKS: Member Regions | Antifa Page

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