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Oatland Events

The Not-All-That-Imperial Republic of Oatland
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Oatland Regional Games
The Oatland regional games are a biannual sporting event and the first regular event observed in Oatland. Fashioned after the Olympic games; it's purpose is to "promote international brotherhood, fair play and sporting excellence". The event sees nations from Oatland and its allies compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in a month long series of sporting events.

Federation of Oatland Basketball World Cup
The Federation of Oatland Basketball League is an annual Baskeball event in which national teams compete in a ranked tourney for the The FOB Trophy.

N-Day: Nationstate's Nuclear Event
N-Day is an annual event in which the nations of the world observe the International Day against Nuclear Tests by "lobbing nuclear weapons at one another in a fit of radioactive glee". Oatland has performed quite well in these events, placing 85th out of 1,578 factions in the first(April fool’s) N-Day and 29th out of 796 in the second; both despite competing with much larger regions. As of N-day3 Oatland participates in a joint faction called Canopy, along with it's embassy region Forest and several other regions.

Z-Day: Nationstate's Zombie Apocalypse
Z-day is an annual event similar to N-day, in which nations and regions must tackle a zombie apocalypses. The 2017 Z-day was Oatland's first serious attempt at the event. Emboldened by successes in the years two N-days the region attempted to cure itself of the zombie infestation. With a unified strategy and high levels of participation Oatland was among the first regions to successfully cure itself, reaching 15th on the survivors+no zombies leaderboard. Unfortunately the region was too small in size to stay on the leader-board, and slowly fell off as larger regions began to catch up.

Former Events
Oatland Invitational

Oatland's local association football league, The Oatland invitational is an annual association football competition. Teams compete in three round robin groups with the four highest ranking facing each other in a bracket.