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OOC Design notes and Changelog

The original idea behind Aigania has always been a thinking about a symbiotic relationship between high tech civilization and nature instead of antagonism.
The name is a play on Gaianism to Aiganism -> Aigania (re ordering the letters to reflect harmony but with tech with the upper hand; more mad doctors and furries than elves and fairies.

The evolution of ideas and the way of playing derailed hard the idea into hard transhumanism, good enviroment, hard social justice and a bit of the dark archetype included.
Aigania currently stands for the following backronym:

Aigania = Ascended Integrated Gestalt of Artificial and Natural Intelligences Archailect

(For Archailect, see below)

I stick strictly to NS stats and the logical conclusions of the issues chosen.
Since the population of a big nation in the game can reach planetary levels I assume at least one planet per nation. (Using the references in the World building section donjon for selecting the correspondent star system and planet per nation; the numerical seed being the name of the nation converted to numbers).

LinkFor the name to number conversion

LinkFor generating a star system (with the nation planet)
LinkFor generating only the inhabited planet

Since the issues are legislative measures that in RL will take time to be enacted, I assume an equivalence of time passing of:

1 day of Real Life = 1 year of NS

For the high tech unlocked in issues of transhumanist nature, the high ranking of tech and information industry and the self limitations of "astrographical" space occupied by nations, I put an upper limit as an antepenultimate level of intelligence and power.

LinkArchailect tech capabilities

Whenever possible it will be NS stats and issue compliant.
The Factbook is being writing with selections of issues passed (since there are some with similar results I will try to avoid repetitions).

Also avoid putting all the options chosen. It is not practical.

2017/09/27: There seems nesting some of the index for the factbook so regretbly it only will cover the main subdivisions.
2017/10/01: And the problem with losing connections with no apparent reasons has spread to the boxes. Marvelous.
2017/10/03: And the problem seems to have vanish. Awesome. And for a mistake and a productive night the environment section of the factbook is finished ahead schedule.
2017/10/24: Economy section of factbook (issue checked completed) plus another few tweaks. The schedule surely is running late.
2017/10/28: Edited de Education (Education, Science and Culture) section
2017/11/01: Minor addition of mycological research to factbook. Doubst about including the leader curiosities update.
2017/11/04: Minor addition to administration, bureaucrat efficient but bored (locked down government computers)
2017/12/27: Minor additions in the interval time; Healthcare section added to the Factbook. Tentative new design for the flag already done.
2017/12/29 Minor addition to the Internet section of the factbook
2018/12/12 Minor addition to the environment section of the factbook
2018/01/13 Minor change in the type of advertisements allowed.
2018/01/20 Additions of plasma technology and colonial history to the Defense section of the Factbook.
2018/01/21 Addition of the Leader page backed by issues with notes. It was added for the proliferation in the forum of questions about the leaders.
2018/01/21 Uploaded the new flag without the ripple effect by the suggestion of Free american empire- here viewtopic.php?f=25&t=405153&p=33293596&sid=38d82c1c9ba7f80842168f7592d36257#p33293596
2018/01/22 Added to the official Factbook the chosen options:
workers have seized control of the economy.
nude art is becoming wildly popular.
2018/01/23 Added to the official Factbook these options:
explicit slash fiction is repackaged for kindergarten kids as stories about friends cuddling friends. (put it in military although it could go with Book Publishing)
children regularly take part in blood sports that result in extreme boo-boos. (legal combat sports for children)
2018/01/29 Math competence for students added.
2018/02/21 Added more content to the music section of education
2018/03/03 Finally added the Law & Order part in the Factbook.
2018/05/30 As a suggestion by The nordic-commonwealth here

this will be the Anthem for Aigania.

2018/09/26 Times flies by. Minor changes made until now in the factbook. The Easter Egg about Halloween it seems to be triggered indefinitely by keeping the Monster before the name of the National Animal. So it will remain so for the time being.
I will check now all o nearly all possible options.
To check if the Easter Egg about the national color can be triggered multiple times the name of the nation will be changed accordingly.

2018/10/19 Minor improvements over the Factbooks; Worldbuilding resources improved and ordered.
2019/04/11 Many minor changes; menus added to Leader and Banner achieved.

The Federation of Aigania