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The Eustrastan National Plant : Fleur Trees

Fleur Tree's

Fleur Trees are a popular for the strong sweet scent of their flowers,Fleur is the national plants in GE & WA.The flower is called harumnih in Eustrastan And Valcotte in Alacademian.

Fleur Trees are evergreen shrubs,their small trees can grow to 3,5-7 meters,the leaves are 10-65 Centimeters long and 5-30 Centimeters broad,dark green and glossy with leathery and soft texture.The flower are in big group,white,or pale yellow,with 20 lobes from 3-10 diameters.They usually bloomed in 25 Febuary to 13 April.Many species including Fleur Davidson And Yellow Fleur have a strong senses,It is very rare and only grow in Mountain Gede and Lake Suka.

To cultivate Fleur as a house plant is not easy and cheap.this species can be difficult to grow because it's originated in extreme weather and also in the border in cold and's flourishes in acidic soil with good drainage and thrives on 31-32 C or -3 - -14 C.Potting soil or traditional eustrastan rooftop and riverside potting system are available in very high can reach the heigh as 7 Feet.