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R/D Games

The Union of Democratic States Armed Forces would like to invite you(yes you!) to the R/D Games! Whether you raid, defend, or neither, all nations & regions are invited to participate! The Games will be held over the first week of September, and winners will be announced after the completion of each event. These events include:

Chasing ⸺ For this event, one player will play the raider (or, actual raiders will be actually raiding) and it will be the other players' job to "chase" them into whatever region they move into. Winners will be determined by averaging out the times of their jumps (for example, 10 jumps of 3 seconds = 3 second average movement). Both the top 3 single players & top 3 organization averages (will be scored by averaging the averages) will earn medals. (There will be two phases for this event, a non-update & a mid-update (Noon & midnight EDT.)

Liberations ⸺ One side will play the invading force. One side will be the liberating force. This will be determined by a coin flip. The side who has the delegacy after update wins the round & advances on to the next. The last organization standing wins.

Endotarting ⸺ Believe it or not, however annoying it can be, endotarting quickly is still a skill. Competitors will be timed to a minute. The person who endorses the most nations in that time will win.

Tagging ⸺ Tag raiding is a very popular method nowadays, so why not make it a competition too? Players will be given lists of targets, and the rest is up to them. The team with the most successful hits will be victorious. (This event will be played across multiple updates.)

Capture the Flag ⸺ Stealing from the TBH folks on this, a region will be passworded and riddles will be created for people to crack. The team that cracks it & captures the region will win. (No second or 3rd places here!)