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Common Misconceptions

A list of common misconceptions about Teienshi.

Teienshi is a Korean Nation

The belief that Teienshi is a Korean nation is a misconception that arises from the fact that the symbol on the flag, which is also the governmental seal of Teienshi, closely resembles a LinkTaegeuk, which is prominently used on the flag of South Korea, and is a common symbol for Korea as a whole. In reality, besides being home to a substantial Korean minority, Teienshi has no connection with Korea, and the symbol on the flag is actually a highly stylized, multicolored LinkTomoe that symbolizes Teienshi's three islands.

Teienshi has a ban on chewing gum

This is a misconception that arises from the similarities between Teienshi's and Singapore's approach to dealing with city cleaniness. Infamously, Singapore completely bans the sale (but not the possession) of non-medicinal chewing gum. However, Teienshi does not have an equivalent policy, and chewing gum is fully legal within the city. The only exception to this is public transportation, which bans chewing gum alongside all other non-medicinal food and drink.

Teienshi jails/canes people for littering

This misconception arises from an exaggeration of Teienshi's laws concerning cleaniness, which take a hardline stance against offenses such as jaywalking, littering, and failing to flush a toilet after its been used. While these offenses are indeed punished, these reprimands are almost always in the form of large fines and community service, and are rarely, if ever, punished with prison time. As for caning, all forms of corporal punishment were abolished in 1975, and even before then, it was only used as a punishment for major crimes such as assault and possession of illegal substances.