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Oatland Government

The Not-All-That-Imperial Republic of Oatland
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Oatland is a republic with a Roman Empire theme, hence the classification; Not-All-That-Imperial Republic. It has a duel government; with the founder, or Augustus, acting as the head of Imperial government while the Ceasar acts as the head of Civil government. Civil offices are subject to annual elections and a senate acts as the voting body for elections and legislation. The entire government is bound by the articles of the regional constitution which acts as the foundation of government.


Augustus/Emperor: Lennia
The Augustus, or Emperor, is the founder of the region with access to all the regional controls, while the position is largely ceremonial the Augustus has an important place in Oatland's government. As head of imperial government it is his duty to induct regional officers as well as ensure the region's absolute security from invasion.

Caesar: Aclion
The Caesar is the head of civil government; responsible for administering the government.

Magister Equitum: Ultorieth
The Magister Equitum; lit, "Master of the Horse" is responsible for military affairs and works jointly with the Augustus, Caesar, and Magister Literarum to direct the regions foreign policy, especially as it relates to regional security; uniquely among magisters he is appointed directly by the Augustus rather then being elected by the senate.

Censor: The Ascended Transhumanist Sociocracy
The Censor, whose title is derived from the word census; is responsible for administering regional polls, elections and maintaining the roll of Senate membership.

Magister Literarum: The Peoples Place of Living
The Magister Literarum; "Master of Letters" is the regions communication officer. He maintains diplomatic ties with embassies, oversees the region's ambassador program, manages regional recruitment and greets new arrivals.

Aediles: East Morey
Oatland Ambassador program
Aediles are a varied group; Literally their title means "temple builder" but in effect the "temples" they build form the backbone of civil government. An Aedile may be responsible for managing the regional map, updating the regional factbook, maintaining regional dispaches administering the regional roleplay games, maintaining diplomatic ties to other regions, among many other duties. Aedileship is an ideal first step for senators seeking position in government, as the bar for entry is low, there is no official limit on how many may be assigned, and success as a Aedile is an excellent way to earn the respect and trust of fellow members.

The Senate:
The Senate is Oatlands legislative body, It votes on legislation, amendments to the constitution, and elects officers into government. Every member nation in Oatland has one vote in the senate and can bring proposals before it. Membership is open to any independent, native nation.

Residents of the region can register at [url][/url] Remember, you can only register once, and the nation must reside in Oatland. So be sure you register with the nation you want.

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