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The Trultin Isles Land Defense Force

Soldiers of the Force de défense des terres on exercises.

The Land Defense Force is the largest in terms of raw personnel of the three branches of the Defense Forces and in addition to providing a force of infantry and light armored vehicles for the defense of the home islands, they also provide personnel for the Garde nationale fédérale, the national gendarmerie which is responsible for highway patrol and law enforcement in the rural areas and small towns of Trultin Isles as well as environmental and coastal protection. They also operate to a limited extent in urban areas, usually in patrolling and protecting federal facilities. Major urban centers have their own civilian constabulary, which is a civilian organization known as the Civil Police (Police civile) and is responsible for major criminal investigations as well as urban law enforcement.

Chief of Staff of the Land Defense Force (Chef d'État-major de la Force terrestre de défense, CEFTD): Lieutenant General (Général de corps d'armée) Armand Rouanet

Land Defense Force motto: "Ma parole est mon acte." -
My word is my action.

Forces of the Land Defense Force

Total personnel: 10,950~ men active, 1,250 men reserve

Central Command for Defense (Commandement central de la défense)

1ère Brigade des forces terrestres

35e Régiment d'Infanterie
-1er Bataillon d'Infanterie
-2ème Bataillon d'Infanterie

The infantry regiment is a solid group of men. Like the Chasseurs, they are motorized but make use of lightly armored versions of the NO-CO1 Coyote light utility vehicle and other trucks for mobility instead of the armored vehicles of the Chasseurs.

Unit motto: "Pour la paix et la liberté" - For peace and liberty.

12ème Régiment de Chasseurs à pied
-1er Bataillon de Chasseurs à pied
-2e Bataillon de Chasseurs à pied

The Chasseurs à pied are motorised light infantry who are trained long range recce and jungle operations and also provide men for the anti-terrorist group of the Garde nationale fédérale. The 12th regiment in particular has a storied history in the civil war.

Unit motto: Allons-y!" - Let's go!

7e Escadron de Hussards
Unit motto: "Bouge de là!" - Get out of our way!

33e Régiment d'Artillerie
-1ère Batterie d'Artillerie
-2ème Batterie d'Artillerie
-3ème Batterie d'Artillerie
-1ère Batterie d'Artillerie antiaérienne

Unit motto: "Désireux et capables!" - Ready and willing!

2ème Brigade de la logistique
-3e Bataillon de Matériel
-7ème Bataillon du Train
-9ème Bataillon du Génie
-11ème Batallion Médical
-1ème Compagnie de Transmissions

11e Régiment d'Aviation
-101e Escadron de transport
-121e Escadron de transport
-89ème Escadron du Train

Men of the Garde nationale fédérale on patrol near a federal facility.

Garde nationale fédérale

2,900 men organized into 10 regional independent companies of 250 men each, plus one special company of 250 men to specifically patrol and protect the area around the legislature and prime minister's residence. Total also includes support staff, command & control units and etc.

Garde nationale fédérale motto: "Pour le foyer et la maison" For hearth and home

Combined with the military academy, staff, and other miscellaneous personnel, the total strength of the Land Defense Force is around 8,950 men. Currently the main armament of the LDF infantry is the FN FAL. under the Trultinese designation of fusil automatique, mle. 58. The government is currently undergoing a search for a new service rifle, but lack of funds mean that a replacement is unlikely for the immediate future.


Infantry weapons of the LDF




LinkPistolet automatique Mle. 87

Infantry rifle

LinkFusil automatique léger mle. 58. Folding stock variant also in service designated Fusil automatique mle. 58, carabine.

Submachine gun

LinkPistolet Mitrailleur mle. 60

Marksman's rifle

Fusil Mle. 37/71,a Mauser Karabiner 98k Linkmodernized in the 1970s

General purpose machine gun

LinkMitrailleuse Mle. 58

Heavy machine gun

LinkMitrailleuse M2HB

Grenade launcher

LinkLGI Mle F1

Light anti-tank rocket launcher


Light anti-tank rocket launcher

LinkABL, 84mm

Artillery of the LDF




Medium Mortar



Heavy Mortar



Towed Artillery

LinkObusier de 105 mm Modèle 79


Ground Vehicles of the LDF




Light utility vehicle

NO-CO1 Coyote Jeep


Light utility vehicle

Pinzgauer All-Terrain Vehicle (6x6)


Heavy Truck

LinkUNIMOG trucks


Heavy Truck

HT4 5t truck


Armored Personnel Carrier



Infantry Fighting Vehicle

OSD-FV8 Frelon Infantry Fighting Vehicle (30mm)


Armored Car

LinkERC 90 Lynx


Aircraft of the LDF




Medium Utility helicopter

H166 Renne


Medium Utility helicopter

MTH2 Matuasto


Heavy Utility helicopter

H192 Wapiti


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