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21ˢᵗ–Century Spartacus League

The 21ˢᵗ–Century Spartacus League ℠ is the ruling political party in LinkThe Democratic Communist Federation.

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Member, 21ˢᵗ–Century Spartacus League

The league stands for various principles. However, there is no expectation that self-identified members will necessarily agree with all of the bulleted items below:

  • freedom of speech and expression in the league

  • an openness to a variety of communist viewpoints

  • the absence of a single party line

  • a willingness to work side by side with communists who may not agree with all of the positions in this platform

  • an opposition to capitalism, imperialism, and all forms of nationalism (including Zionism)

  • a commitment to direct and representative proletarian democracy

  • an aversion to bourgeois democracy

  • a revolutionary praxis of spontaneity (mass action) and organization (vanguards)

  • an acceptance of the Marxist view that, in the aftermath of a hopefully successful revolution, communism will pass through two large-scale stages:

    1. an international, or global, proletarian state of coöperatives

    2. an international, or global, proletarian administration (or a decentralized federation) of coöperatives

  • a support, on a small scale, for like-minded individuals joining together, currently, and establishing producer and consumer coöperatives

  • a realization that these present-day coöperatives, operating in the context of the capitalist world-system, are merely a temporary way station and should not, therefore, be considered as a substitute for communist revolution

  • a belief that capitalism, in light of its internal contradictions, will eventually end on its own

  • a recognition that, in the aftermath of the destruction of capitalism, communism is not inevitable

  • an assertion that none of the uprisings before the collapse of capitalism, and there will undoubtedly be many, will, in the long run, be successful

  • the view that, following the collapse, communists must consciously pick up the pieces and, in an ongoing revolution, create a new global society

  • an acknowledgement that intersectionality could be approached as a model of contradictions in the capitalist world-system

  • an affirmation that communist internationalism can best be understood as the simultaneous rejection of sovereign nation states and the Stalinist view of socialism in one country

In conclusion, personally speaking, I am interested in a communist revolution, not in the social democratic reform of capitalism. From my perspective, establishing such a revolutionary social movement is unnecessary at this stage. For instance, I doubt that most of the world, both developed and underdeveloped, will survive the great unraveling to come. Communism, it seems to me, will be built, from the ground up, by simple people in far-flung areas of the world. The masses and their oligarchs have made their own decisions. My purpose, as a sociologist, is to evaluate possible consequences.

Ššālōm ʿălēyəḵẹm (Hebrew/ʿIḇəriyṯ, שָּׁלוֹם עֲלֵיְכֶם), ssalāmu ʿalaykum (Arabic/ʿArabiyyaẗ, سَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم), šlama ʿlok (Syriac/Suryāyā, ܫܠܡܐ ܥܠܘܟ), sälamə läʾə–nanətä (Geꞌez/Gəʾəzə and Amharic/ʾÄmarəña, ሰላም ለእናንተ), sliem għalikom (Maltese/Malti), salām bah šumā (Persian/Fārsī, سَلَام بَه شُمَا), ʾâpa kū salāma (ʾUrdū, آپَ کُو سَلَامَ) or āpa ko salāma (Hindī, आप को सलाम), tuhāḍē laꞌī salāma (Guramukhi Punjabi/Guramukhī Pajābī, ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਲਈ ਸਲਾਮ; or Shahmukhi Punjabi/Šāh Mukhī Panǧābī, تُہَاڈے لَئِی سَلَامَ), sàlāmǔgěinǐ (Chinese/Zhōngwén, 萨拉姆给你), anata-ni-sarāmu (Japanese/Nihongo, あなたにサラーム), salāmūnā (Pashto/Paṣ̌tū and Sindhī, سَلَامُونَا), tōmāra sālāma (Bengali/Bāṅāli/Bānlā, তোমার সালাম), sizə salam olsun (Azerbaijani/Azərbaycanlı), asalaamu calaykum (Somali/Af-Soomaali), salam kwako (Swahili/Kiswahili), salam bagimu (Indonesian/bahasa Indonesia), salam a yu (Lingwa de Planeta/Lidepla/LdP), selamun aleyküm (Turkish/Türk Dili), salam sejahtera (Malay/Melayu), salutations to the comrades, 𑁣 ☮ ② Ⓤ ⒶⓁⓁ,

Mōšẹh ʾẠhărōn bẹn Hẹʿərəšəʿl ✡ ☭ ☮ (Hebrew 🙵 Yiddish,מֹשֶׁה אַהֲרֹן בֶּן הֶערְשֶׁעל)
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