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Wolfram & Hart

Attorneys at Law

Our firm has always been here in one form or another. The Inquisition, the Khmer Rouge—we were here the first time a caveman clubbed his neighbor and watched in fascination as his brains oozed out in the dirt. We're in the hearts and minds of every living human being. The world doesn't work in spite of evil. It works with us. It works because of us.
- LinkHolland Manners


Founded in 2012, Wolfram and Hart is NationStates’ first and oldest law firm. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions for our clients. We achieve this through recruiting and developing high-calibre individuals throughout the firm.


Wolfram and Hart can help with your region's legal needs.

Document Review

We can review your draft constitution or legislation, identifying any parts which lack clarity, or are contradictory.

See our Constitution Clinic for examples of what we do.

Dispute Resolution

Many regions have constitutions and / or laws, which are enforced by their Regional Officers. Being active members of their communities, and with a stake in the region's smooth running, an RO’s judgment can suffer from unintended bias.

By providing independent legal opinion to plaintiffs, defendants, and ROs, Wolfram and Hart's legal team aim to:
- reduce animosity between involved nations
- increase the transparency of proceedings
- increase the fairness of proceedings

Founder Succession

Many regions fall into difficulties due to their founder ceasing to exist. Founderless regions can be prone to raids. Wolfram and Hart offer a service to help avoid this. Founders can entrust their password to Wolfram and Hart, along with instructions as to how this should be used in the event that they CTE. Typically, the first step would be to revive the founder nation, then to entrust the password to an heir of the founder's choice.


Tag raids are annoying, but not permanent. If you need help detagging, our experienced team can help.

IT Solutions

Keep control of your puppets with PuppetMaster.
Automate those sleepers with Sleeping Beauty.
Send out recruitment telegrams with our Telegraph Machine.

Defense Contracts
Research and Intelligence

*Subject to availability


Wolfram and Hart

Liaison to the Senior Partners

Wolfram and Hart has played NationStates since October 2016. In addition to the Wolfram and Hart business, they manage The NewsStand, and organise the casino at The Sands. Wolfram and Hart is also an active founder in two medium regions, and has also served a short time in NS military. Their experience gives them a first-hand understanding of the challenges of running a region, and the types of security issue that regions face.

Having interpreted contracts and regulations in real life, Wolfram and Hart is well positioned to bring these skills to NationStates.


Skeleton Staff / Caretaker

The mysterious Zreach has by far the longest residency in Wolfram and Hart, and is to be thanked for preventing the region from ceasing to exist.

Wolfram and Hart Founder

The Senior Partners

The founder, the ultimate power in Wolfram and Hart, has interests elsewhere, and takes no part in the day to day running of the region. All queries regarding Wolfram and Hart and it’s businesses should be addressed to Wolfram and Hart.

Attorneys office

Legal Associate

Attorneys office became part of NationStates in October 2017. Attorneys office has excelled in R/D as a defender. Their talents were recognised in another region, where they were decorated for their activity. Attorneys office maintains strong relations with previous colleagues, in addition to the team at Wolfram and Hart.

Tiberius cecil

Legal Associate

Tiberius cecil began playing NationStates in 2013. They have significant NS legal experience, having held several positions as Court Justice, Defence Counsel, and Attorney General. This background makes Tiberius cecil a strong addition to our Legal team.

City dirt

Special Projects Operative

The Law Offices of City dirt have been a part of NationStates since November 2015. Once a founder of three regions, City dirt felt the need to practice independently. After a brief sabbatical, and return to practice, City dirt became respected in some regions as the voice of reason and levity. City Dirt passed the bar on the corner of every region, before joining Wolfram and Hart.

Port honeydew

Special Projects Operative

Port honeydew joined NationStates in December 2016. In their own words, "The world shook. NS servers stopped for a split second. A nation was born. Specifically - one of the greatest players ever, and it's a wonder why that nation hasn't been commended." Port honeydew has founded a number of notable regions, held WA and other RO roles, and has a particular talent for diplomacy. They have extensive military experience, both raiding and defending. Port honeydew has also initiated some high profile campaigns. They are a valuable addition to the team at Wolfram and Hart.

Legal counsel

Legal Associate

Legal counsel began playing NationStates in November of 2010. They have taken active roles in a wide variety of regions spanning the political spectrum. Legal counsel held numerous senior positions in these regions, including Minister of Propaganda, Head of the Secret Police, Minister of Defense, Minister of Domestic Affairs, and WA Delegate to name a few. Legal counsel did a brief tenure in NS military.

Prior to taking a position with Wolfram and Hart, Legal counsel has made law addressing the judicial system, and a constitution.

With real life experience of civil law, contractual law, torts, and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legal counsel is a valuable asset in the Wolfram and Hart team.


Legal Associate

Leski began playing NationStates in November of 2012. From 2012 to 2015, Leski held numerous senior positions in Slavia: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, General of the Army, and WA Delegate. Highlights of Leski's military career include the refounding of several regions at the request of their natives. Leski also held positions in Right to Life between 2013 and 2015, where they were News Director. In 2015, Leski took a hiatus from the game.

Prior to taking a position with Wolfram and Hart, Leski worked to improve the wider understanding of the Founderless Regions Alliance (FRA) charter, helped draft two constitutions, and authored Security Council Resolution № 137 ‘Repeal "Liberate Slavia."’.

Attorney urquhart

Legal Associate

Attorney Urquhart began playing NationStates in August 2015. They have significant NS legal experience, having drafted law for a Feeder region, and having successfully defended three individuals on charges including: Treason and Espionage, Citizenship Fraud, and Defamation. Attorney Urquhart has real life paralegal experience. This background makes Attorney Urquhart a strong addition to our Legal team.


Our staff are vital to continuing the success and growth of our business. With opportunities in the following departments, Wolfram and Hart is the perfect place to further your career.

Legal Services
Draft constitutional law
Interpret domestic constitutional law
Interpret international constitutional law

Public Relations
Initiate and develop external relationships
Promote the W&H brand and services across NationStates

Human Resources (includes non-human resources)
Head hunt experienced talent
Recruit and develop new talent
Interment Acquisitions

Software Development
Develop code to automate NS tasks (subject to the NS guidelines on automation)

Special Projects (military)
Real Estate
Research and Intelligence
Field Operatives


The NationStates office of Wolfram and Hart was opened on 23rd February 2012. In April, Erasticanius was elected WA Delegate. John Titor rebranded the flag to the current one on June 18th. He had some assistance with the design. For a few years, the office ran with skeleton staff. The office was resurrected by the new liaison to the senior partners, from 10th August 2017 to 6 February 2018, when the founder finally CTEd.


04 Dec 2017 Sikh Empire (detag)
05 Dec 2017 Sontami
08 Dec 2017 Giveran Empire HQ (detag)
09 Dec 2017 Pacific Islands (can't remember what we did there!)
10 Dec 2017 Eurasian socialist union (detag?)
12 Dec 2017 Alliance of Nuclear Police States
12 Dec 2017 The Dark Vanquishers
13 Dec 2017 YEDI (resigned too soon!)
14 Dec 2017 The Official Army Of Antarctica (didn't complete job…)
17 Dec 2017 The Mountains to the East
18 Dec 2017 Cloud Landing
18 Dec 2017 Warzone Australia (fail!)
19 Dec 2017 Boston
19 Dec 2017 The Bloody British Empire
20 Dec 2017 Anti Trump Alliance
21 Dec 2017 The United States of Commuria (screwed up jump!)
23 Dec 2017 Atlantis
24 Dec 2017 The Union of Fascists and Monarchies
27 Dec 2017 TIO Diplomatic Archives (fail)
27 Dec 2017 The Irish underwater
29 Dec 2017 Deathwatch
30 Dec 2017 The United States of Commuria
31 Dec 2017 The Monarchist Entente (fail! Bumped by an ex-colleague!)

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Established in 2012, we are NationStates’ first and oldest law firm.  We are committed to providing high-quality solutions for our clients. We achieve this through recruiting and developing high-calibre individuals throughout the firm.  [HR][b][URL=][Color=red]About[/Color][/URL] | [URL=][Color=red]Services[/color][/url] | [URL=][Color=red]People[/Color][/URL] | [URL=][Color=red]Careers[/color][/URL] | [URL=][Color=red]Forum[/Color][/URL][/b]


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