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Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessel

Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessel

Name: Amazon Class

- Hunter Defence Systems
- Verhun Defence Systems

Place of Origin: Noronica & Albion invicta

Cost Per Unit: $432 million

General Characteristics

Displacement: 16,160 tonnes

Length: 143.7 m (471.5 ft)

Beam: 19.2 m (63.0 ft)

Draft: 7.3 m (24.0 ft)

Power & Propulsion: 2 shafts, Quentin N-16 diesels, 23,904 bhp

Speed: 20 knots

Sensors and processing systems:
- Radar Type 993 3-D surveillance
- Navigation radar

Electronic Warfare:
- FanatiQ Type 182 Towed Decoy
- AN/SLQ-25 Nixie Torpedo Countermeasures

- 1 x Excelsior CIWS
- 2 x 30mm DS30M Mk 2 Automated Small Calibre Guns

Aircraft Capability:
- 2 x Medium-lift Helicopter

Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessel


The Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessel is an Auxiliary Oiler Replenisher produced in Noronica and Albion Invicta by Hunter Defence Systems and Verhun Defence Systems. The Amazon Class vessels are tasked with providing ammunition, fuel, food and other supplies to naval vessels around the world. It is also tasked with the replenishment of other naval vessels. With the final ship in its class being commissioned in 2016, it is one of Noronica's and Albion Invicta's newest vessels. The first ship was launched in the late 2000's.


The first Amazon Class constructed

Due to the further development of Noro-Albion relations, both countries sought to broaden their military relationship. Included in the relationship were the joint military projects which allowed both nations to combine efforts to construct new military technology. One of their joint projects was the Amazon Program after both nations realised the need for improved auxiliary vessels. Both nations desired a vessel that would combine both the storage of supplies and the replenishment of other naval vessels around the world.

The Amazon Program began in 2001 with both Hunter Defence Systems and Verhun Defence Systems winning the contract to construct the new class of auxiliary vessels. The process was fraught with difficulties due to a lack of funding and due to an accident with the design of the first Amazon Class vessel. The program was restarted in 2002 with a better design and more funding which was the point of a lot of controversy in both the nation's media. The new line of ships was a success, seeing the entry of the Amazon Class to both nation's navies.

The Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessels are 143.7 m (471.5 ft) in length, with a beam of 19.2 m (63.0 ft), a draft of 7.3 m (24.0 ft) and a displacement of approximately 16,160 tonnes. The vessels have a multi-purpose deck with the ability to carry up to 8,000 tonnes of ship fuel, 1,100 tonnes of aviation fuel, 1,000 tonnes of ammunition as well as ample deck space for carrying vehicles and containerized cargo. The Amazon Class is also equipped with hospital facilities as well as a large helicopter deck and a roll-on/roll-off deck for vehicles onto a dock.

The Amazon Class Auxiliary Vessels, despite providing logistical support to the navy, are equipped with active and passive self-defence systems, degaussing, Nixie torpedo decoys, protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, one Excelsior CIWS, and two 30mm DS30M Mk 2 Automated Small Calibre Guns.







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Credit to Albion invicta for the line drawing

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