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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions as well as some infrequent ones. If this doesn't solve your questions or it is just too confusing, contact the Minister of Defense (HumanSanity) or one of the three generals (Roavin, Nakarisaune, or Witchcraft and Sorcery) for proper answers.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
    Introduction to the SPSF

  2. Membership
    About joining the SPSF and other personnel matters

  3. Administrative matters
    About ranks, leadership, objectives

  4. Resources
    About our flags, logos, scripts, tools,...

Introduction to the SPSF

What is the SPSF?
The South Pacific Special Forces (or SPSF) are the South Pacific’s defender military. All around the NationStates world, nations have the ability to determine their own destiny – they can choose their region, preferred activities, political and ideological beliefs, friends, and more. Raiders seek to disrupt this free choice – they enter regions that aren’t their own, vandalize them with messages supporting the raiders’ own organizations, and sometimes forcibly remove the native residents from the region. The SPSF works to counteract that and support the self-determination of native regions, all while having fun in a fast-paced and strategic game environment. It is not a role-play military!

What’s military gameplay and why should I be interested?

Twice a day, NationStates updates. It goes through the regions in a set but random order, and within those regions, it goes through the nations in a set but random order. As the game goes through each nation, it counts how many endorsements they have. When it finishes going through the region, it makes the highest endorsed nation the delegate of the region. Delegates can have a lot of control over regions - they can even destroy them, if the founder isn’t around.

Raiders can take over regions by endorsing a raider nation, and making it delegate so that it has complete control over the region. We try to stop raider nations from becoming delegate in the first place, or take the region back by making a native nation delegate again.

Military gameplay is one of the cornerstones of inter-regional politics. It can introduce you to the wide, wild world of NS Gameplay, which has characters and stories and rich history on an epic scale. It can also introduce you to our good friends and allies in other regions. Unlike roleplay wars, military gameplay isn’t just imaginary - our actions have a real effect on the NS world. It's also fun: successful operations can fill you with adrenaline and a sweet feeling of hard-won victory. Perhaps most importantly, military gameplay builds a great sense of camaraderie and can serve as a basis for strong and lasting friendships.

Is military gameplay boring?
No. Military gameplay takes place in a social and competitive environment, includes its own subset of strategic and technical skills, and is a great way to take bold action to support TSP and its interests abroad.

About joining the SPSF and other personnel matters

How do I join the SPSF?
The SPSF has two divisions. The Tidal Force operates outside of game update to fortify invaded regions and remove marks of past conflict. The Tsunami Force operates at the two game updates each day in order to combat raids as they happen. You can find more information and sign up on Linkour forum.

Why should I join the SPSF?
The SPSF is one of the most active defender militaries in the game. (From time to time we raid fascist regions to prevent them being used as a platform to spread hateful ideology, but our primary focus is on defending.) We have some of the most knowledgeable military gameplayers in the whole game working with us and, as a result, can offer some of the highest-level training in the game. All you have to do is provide interest, willingness to learn, and passion, and you'll quickly be climbing the ranks to the top.

By joining the SPSF, you are also helping out the South Pacific. If the South Pacific is ever in danger, the SPSF will be the cornerstone of its defense. While our smaller ops might seem like they are just for fun, or just to fulfil foreign policy objective, we are also building up the skills that the SPSF needs for its core objective, which is to defend the Coalition. So by joining the SPSF, you may become a South Pacifican hero some day!

What will happen after I join?
You will receive training on how to defend properly, focusing on understanding technical skills and building proficiency.

Why was I kicked from the SPSF?
Because you have been inactive for too long or violated rules.

Can I be in the SPSF and other militaries at the same time?
Yes, but only if it will not present a significant conflict of interest as judged by the General Corps. You're required to disclose other military affiliations to the General Corps.

I want to join your organization but I don't want people to know that I join your organization.
This action is called "Moonlighting". Contact the Minister of Defense or the generals about this.
Note: Don't use this process for spying on the SPSF. It won't work. Background check and monitoring are performed strictly and secretly on new members.

Why do you use Discord?
Discord allows instant communication, which is essential for some of our time-sensitive update operations.

Administrative matters
About ranks, leadership, objectives

Who is the leader of the SPSF?
The SPSF is collectively led by an entity known as the General Corps. It is composed of the Minister of Defense (Also known as the MoD, current MoD is HumanSanity) who is elected by the legislators and the 3 generals (Current generals: Roavin, Nakarisaune, Witchcraft and Sorcery) who are nominated by the Minister of Defense and get confirmed by the Assembly (The legislative body of the South Pacific).

What are the SPSF's objectives?

  • We protect the Coalition, its allies, and our foreign interests

  • We defend uninvolved parties when they are attacked.

  • We reject discrimination and intolerance and will take the fight to those promoting and propagating such hateful views.

What are the ranks in the SPSF?

  • Trainee — The first rank. Any new SPSF troops will automatically receive this rank.

  • Soldier — Requirements: Understand the basis of update, can move, move + endorse, regional control, detags, basic spotting, and basis chasing.

  • Officer — Requirements: Understand and can perform basis triggering, banjecting, simple influence calculations.

  • Commander — Requirements: Understand and can perform arbitrary-nation triggering, be familiar with and can apply various military strategies and complex influence calculations.

For more details on the requirements of each rank, see Linkhere.

About our flags, logos, scripts, tools,...

Where can I find your flags, ribbons, badges and stuffs like that?
Find them in this dispatch.

What tools and websites do SPSF's members use?
List of tools and websites that some of us use are listed in this dispatch.