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The Eternal Bugblatter Fennec of Traal

About Swith

My actual photo is found elsewhere on NS
Good luck hunting for it

Motto Knit or Die!

Location Somewhere in the States.
Usually PA, when not in OH.

The Nifty Obligatory Sig Stuff
Religion: Atheist but tolerant (Taoist in philosophy)
Political Views: Somewhat Social Liberalism
Progressivism 42.5
Socialism 68.75
Tenderness 59.375
Rights: LinkIntolerance is ugly
Personality Type: LinkINFJ
NSG: Buttered Toast
F7 Location RP Threads:
Other PC: My right to free speech
does not preclude your right to have an opinion

NS Roles:
P2TM Mentor
Resident CoOP - Personification Life
Paedagog Member - Founder
IAPA Member
Genesis, Lamoni's Happy Flunky
Madhouse Founder
Raider, The Black Hawks

Swith, Swithy, Swithers
Aut, Auty (I go by my middle name IRL!)
Vent Fennec
Typo Queen
Raptor Queen
Teflon Tuatara
Mother of Threads
Devourer of Shawarma
That crazy little [REDACTED] in P2TM

Married to

These are some of the people that make my world
a brighter place:
Bone fort
Ever-Wandering Souls
aka Agymnum
Northwest Slobovia
Primordial Luxa
Reventus Koth
The new velociraptor empire
The sygian

Real Life Stuff:
Hobbies include knitting, 40K Tabletop
and world domination
Fractal Hacker? LinkPhysics!

Highest Point: 4'10 w/out shoes

Time Zone: EST (-5 GMT)

Drives on the: sidewalk

Miss Swith's Vanity Page and Vital RP Help Links!

Oh look, a vanity page. Yeah, I was bored enough to do this on a dare. It's an opportunity for me to share vital NS links as well as capture a few of my favorite quotes from other players. It's a copy of my main account's, so you'll find it redundant if you know me outside of gameplay.

Boring Crap

You're looking at it. I'm an odd and boring creature, introverted really, that used to spend most of my time in front of a monitor when not in front of a microscope. My real life was an endless parade of dead tissue pdf files, asinine graphs, and molecular woodigypooge, and I used my spare energy to stave off romantic advances from the Accounting Department's MiniKhan. I'm (still!) on medical leave but do contract work for the same weird corporation. I intend to be a cancer survivor, thank you very much!

The majority of people know me as "Swith" (Swith Witherward), though I'm also known as "the fennec", "Vorpal Fennec", etc on various OSF. My online time is spent trawling P2TM and doing stuff for TBH. Mostly I pester the heck out of roleplayers, and use Discord to pester everyone else.

RP Mentoring

Yes, I'm a RP Mentor on the site. Should you have a RP-related dilemma, don't hesitate to drop me a telegram. I promise I won't laugh derisively at your questions. In fact, I'm humbled to be of assistance to you. I cover Portal to the Multiverse, so I don't have much to offer nation-roleplayers. However, I can put you in touch with N&I Mentors.

Role Play Help

NS Basics - - Getting started on NS
Euroslavia wrote a comprehensive guide pertaining to this. It gives you the information you need to get the most out of your NS experience. "This thread will provide the basic framework for general rules and learning and all things in regards to how to properly Role Playing in the International Incidents and Nationstates forums." That said, it's also good for P2TM-users to review.

Where do I start in P2TM?

    WHERE DO I START: The P2TM Guide needs to be your first stop. Nearly everything you need to know about the subforum is located there.

    FIND A GOOD GROUP: I recommend Madhouse Productions. This site-wide roleplayer organization exists solely to help you improve your writing, your gaming, your worldbuilding, and your other roleplay-related talents.

    GET ADVICE ON YOUR RP IDEA: Traveller's Café 3: Discussion, tea, brainstorming & advice is where you'll find a lot of good advice there, especially if you're thinking of starting up your own RP. Use it as a sounding board. Don't be shy. We've got a lot of combined experience.

    WHERE DO I LEARN THE BASICS OF RP: Esternial's Book of the Multiverse2. It has everything you need to know. Everything!

    MOAR INFO: This Compendium contains more treasures. You can also jump to this quick list to gain insight into the following:

      1. Four Things you may want to avoid
      2. Roleplaying: Character
      3. Roleplaying: Plot
      4. Roleplaying: Dialogue
      5. The Art of Losing

GM Guides
These guides will help you master the art of running your own game.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi
"I want you to stop by my RP." Well, when in need, type "Swith Witherward" into your P2TM OOC. Seriously, I trawl for my name. It's a habit I picked up from Nightkill. I might not instantly appear but I do check once a day. You can also find me through my main account, Swith Witherward.

I might not have the answers you need but I'll certainly point you towards a Mentor or a trusted player who can lend a hand.

Feel free to approach me if you have questions about coding your posts, designing an OSF for your group, need advice setting up your Discord server, or would like advice regarding setting up a roleplay group on your gameplay forum. If you haven't figured it out by now - I'm very laid back and easy going. Please don't let the fact that I'm a raider intimidate you.

Factbook Help
I need to share this one: Ponderosa's Guide to a Wiki-Style Factbook, Embassies, and Consulates thread. Everything you want to know about making one of these wiki style pages can be found there. It has sound code and phenomenal explanations.

"Oh my god, did you just make me scroll through all that stupid RP stuff just to find this?"

Yes. Yes, I did. Raiding is love, roleplay is life. :P

I should clarify: I'm not new to gameplay. I don't enjoy the ePolitics involved in R/D, nor the poor attitudes held by some players, so I never heavily involved myself in it when I was part of the UDL. Those attitudes seemed to have festered over the years, and seem to have become more wide-spread.

I chose to become a raider for two reasons:

A) I genuinely can't stomach the defender attitude. It's changed over the years and with fresh blood coming it. While many still maintain good sportsmanship, the bulwark of the forum-active defenders seem to labour under the assumption that their sh*t doesn't stink. They fail to realize that roleplayers (and others outside of gameplay) expect defenders to be "the good guys". They expect raiders to be jerks. So when the "good guys" behave like worse jerks than the raiders they tear apart, those outside of gameplay form firm opinions on not only defenders but also gameplayer as a whole.

Not all defenders behave like asshats, mind. There are a few that I respect for their honestly and for the way in which they conduct themselves on site.

B) I didn't become a raider; I became a Black Hawk. Though TBH are raiders, they foster a genuine love for gameplay as a game. They aren't in it to be the site's greatest tormentors and trolls. They're the site's badasses because they're in it for the fun of the game. Not too many raider orgs pull off that distinction in my eyes.

The leadership puts more emphasis on teaching gameplay's R/D than they do their own personal glory. Noobs are given encouragement, and aren't upbraided when they screw up. The leadership makes mistakes on jumps, sure, because nobody is perfect. They own their mistake, however. They don't blame others. They take responsibility and, by doing so, noobs learn that it's alright if the noob isn't perfect 100% of the time.

It's tempting to say, "Well, Swith, you haven't seen the bad side". You're right. I have never seen them going after each other in Discord, nor heard any of the grievances players might have with leadership (or vice-versa). This is a sign of professionalism. They don't air their dirty laundry in public (often), nor do they drag the membership into quarrels over decision-making. It makes for a harmonious organization, and helps operations (be it as simple as training a noob or as complex as hosting an event) go smoothly.

I encourage you to check TBH out, if you'd like to learn more about R/D, or if you'd like to be part of a fun org.
Region: The Black Hawks
Forum: LinkThe Black Hawks

Regarding the questions about this puppet: Fennec is my gameplay account. Although it's no secret that I'm a raider, I like to keep bookkeeping separate from my roleplay account.

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