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Foreign Ambassador

Our Honorable Guests
  1. Moorburgh - Dr James Wildbaron III. (Dean of Diplomatic Corps)
    Dr Wildbaron III, 58 was a Strategic Analyst at Moorburgh Standard

  2. Tecktatee - Joan of Lyon Knighthood.
    Joan of Lyon Knighthood, 45 goes to Noe Lyon Royal Statesmanship Academy

  3. Khantari - James H Kovaklov
    James H Kovaklov, 47 was former President of Khantari Speech Writer

  4. Reino do brazil - Victor Catarro
    Victor Catarro, 45, Former First secretary to Ceni

  5. The romanov russia - Melor Bogomolov
    Melor Bogomolov , 47, once served under the UN Peacekeeping force, recommended by the Imperial Council

  6. Lolomz - Kyle Lebowski
    Kyle Lebowski, 41, deputy of mayor , former school manger

  7. The Kingdom of Nikolia - Andrej Rzujczov
    Andrej Rzujczov, 41 was a senior diplomatic career officer

  8. The Democracy of The Technocracy of panem - Dr. Harold Ferring
    Dr. Harold Ferring, 53, was the State Professor on Foreign Policy

  9. The Republic of Bat hadar - Hans Fergo
    Hans Fergo, 31 was a junior diplomatic career officer

  10. The Monarchist Socialist State of Kinkiy -
    Jean Multizon, 32, former governor

  11. The Republic of Renetopia -
    Mr Pavel Čamb, 42, Majored in sociology and politics. Worked as an assistant to the Minister of foreign affairs for 5 years.

  12. The Double State of Hyfling -
    Mr Franklin Tinn, 44, Former colonel in Hyflings military and Doctorate in foreign affairs

  13. The Commonwealth of Benjamin Mark -
    Mrs Roxanne Evans McLeod, 54. Mrs. McLeod is a Representative in the Lower House for St Vanoix South. She is on the Foreign Relations, the Banking and Commerce, and the Education and Welfare committees.

  14. The Republic of Aerolah
    Mr Alfonso Burdenski, 49. Alfonso was an ambassador to a nation who is no longer interested in Aerolah having an embassy with them.

  15. The Peaceful Republic of Anollasia
    Mr Liam Bierstaker, 35. Majored in Politics, worked as mayor of Anollton, was member of Council of Legislation

  16. The Republic of Brittanic
    Mr. Adriano Kembi , 45. Formerly the Ambassador of The United Socialist States of Ochoa

  17. Commonwealth of Sivonia
    Mr Josip Malkan, 64. Past ambassador to Aponesia, Karzan, and Sarami.

  18. Sultanate of Bindu
    Maulana Burhanuddin Yelberg al Tembaki. Maulana al Tembaki, 49, was former Chair, now defunct, National Espionage Coordination Board

  19. The Constitutional Monarchy of Heleventia
    Mr. Germain Hauser, 52. Former Heleventia to Ambassador to Yohannes

  20. The United States of Noordeinde
    Mrs Erin Janse-Posthumus. Ambassador Janse-Posthumus, prior to her appointment as Ambassador-Designate to the Emirate of Atok, has been the Political Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Thereafther she served as Legal Attaché with the US Permanent Mission to the World Assembly (2007-2012). In June 2012 she was appointed Deputy Chief of Mission with the United States of Noordeinde Embassy in the Federation of Radiatia and on the 24th of December

  21. The Constitutional Monarchy of Repulaea
    Ms Laura Aleonis. Ambassador Aleonis hold Bachelors in foreign relations from Peets University. Doctorate from RUA Hegrane. Former liaison to the COSPN Cultural center. Former congresswoman (two terms; Committee on Foreign Relations). Former vice secretary to Reese Daklin, Ambassador to Mallaska. Currently a senior coordinator for the Repulaean Cultural Exchange Program at Prempton College.

  22. The Liberated Workers' Republic of South minorqa
    Dr. James Yip-Wong Wai Lin, 51. Former Deputy Mayor of Running Waters City, Former Council for Economic Reform (Cofer) Member, Current Professor at Sheung Hoi College for Economics.

  23. The Democratic Republic of Tongkang pechah
    Mr Mukhtarrudin Rosley, 46. Mr Mukhtarrudin formerly serve as Chief of Staff to Gunung Banang Member of Parliament. He obtain bachelor in Public Accountant from Banang State University. He also former Youth Chief of Pakatan Rakyat party of Gunung Banang division.

  24. Puri Agung Rarungan
    Nathalia Sofia Matell, 43. She's is formerly deputy of commerce in Department of Trade and Commerce of Puri Agung Rarungan.

  25. The Principle of Saltbridge
    Ms Rita Landau Steelforth, 52. She was Regional Issue Adviser to President Blend Campaign Council

  26. Order of the Knights of Our Mother Luna
    Soror Illat Kuu, 36. She has a little daughter, Malina (8 years old), but her husband is deceased.
    Experience: She worked in several diplomatic missions as consul, attaché, some other kind of advisor or guard. This is her first time to work as ambassador, but she is undoubtedly more than ready for that task.

  27. The Federation Of Islamic republic of aceh
    Tengku Mahmudin Azwar, 35. A diplomatic staff at embassy in Fifthland for 2 years, - A consulate general in the city of New Furchberg, The Grand Duchy Of Karin Woodleaves

  28. Republic of the Lernaian isles
    Oedipus Tata, 36 with 13 years of experience as an official diplomat

  29. The Holy Eternal Empire of HYDRA-Russian Empire
    Evgeniy Vladimirovich Mayakovskiy, 42. Former Vice-Governor of Hydrean Central Agartti, Ambassador to West Notralgia

  30. Imperium of Birtonia
    Konrad Verclio, formerly agent of the Adeptus Externii for quite a time, even before the country was transformed into the Imperium. Over the past seven years he has negotiated deals and treaties for the country far beyond his status as an ambassador.

  31. The Republic of New Metropolitan France
    Emmanuel Leroy, 34. 11 years in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, including 4 years as a senior NMF diplomat.

  32. Republic of Verdiga
    Bianka Vinter, 39, former Consul to Japan for 3 years

  33. The Republic of Radiomatics moorburgh
    Dr. Magdalena V. Blaine, 52, Senior Volcanologist in Radiomatics Moorburgh Department of of Mining, Forestry & Agricultural

  34. The United States of Greythrone
    Dr. Arthur Goncalves Gomes, 52. Dr Gomez formerly as Head of Civil Rights Affair (CRA) at Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA)

  35. The Democratic Republic of Gandoor
    Kenji Takamoto, 53. Masters in Foreign Relations from the University of Osaka, served as Mayor of Gandoor City for 5 years, has worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 12 years.

  36. The Federation of Thousandsuns
    Owen Birchford, 44, formerly serve as Deputy Ambassador to embassy in Atok

  37. The free republic of taylor swift
    Horatio Gomez, 45 was a career diplomatic officer

  38. The Kingdom of Pemecutan
    Nyoman Agus Rai Kusumajaya, 58. Mr. Rai Kusumajaya was a Law Faculty graduate of Pemecutan University. His carrier began as member of Pemecutan National Assembly for 4 periods. He then followed general election for Uma Rakryan, Pemecutan Great States Lower House and become a member of Parliament for 2 periods. In 2005, he become Deputy of Immigration of Ministry of Foreign Affair before he back to the Parliament in 2012 General Election.

  39. The Free Land of The confederacy of kingdoms
    Lady Southern I, 32. Junior diplomatic officer.

  40. Kingdom of Dtin
    Narasathol Chirachienthawon, 38. Worked as Permanent Department Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 12 years

  41. Romane filipina
    Janeena Usman, 30. Junior diplomatic officer.

  42. The United Kingdom of Balco and litic
    Milia Kildrav, 36. Junior diplomatic officer.

  43. The Commonwealth of Ingensterra
    Miranda Segal, 35. Served as director of Area 4 in Providence of Ajax

  44. Oakwood landing
    Mr. Henriqua Bregmann, 52 formerly serve as Diplomatic Security Deputy Chief at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  45. Lemmingtopias
    Anastasios Gianakos, 73. Began his career as a Monk in the Lemming Order. Went on to serve the Order, and Lemmingtopias, in the military becoming a veteran of the Civil War and the Resistance against the Military Junta. After the restoration of democracy, Anastasios advised the new government on the regeneration of infrastructure. His role in planning the regeneration led him to be appointed Director of Transport.

  46. Hundredstar
    Ms. Pamela Junkers Meatfolks, 41. Ambassador Meatfolks formerly serves as our ambassador to Pavonistade-international

  47. Diarcesia
    Alexander Cornell, 50. Member of Various Diplomatic Delegations

  48. Sekangkang kera
    Mohammad Noh Ali, 46, junior diplomatic officer

  49. Jeltronia
    Mercer Guimond, 37, Mercer Guimond was former Deputy Head of Mission to FHL parties of Southeast Asia

  50. Stevencousin
    Dr. Greg Faulcutter, 55, Dr. Faulcutter was formerly Deputy Chief of Staff to President of Stevencousin

  51. Darul takzim
    Suzana Ahmad, 43, Ambassador Ahmad formerly serve as Deputy Ambassador to Saltbridge

  52. Dorsche
    Mr. Jonas Sjöstedt, career diplomat