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MG75A1 Light Assault Machine Gun

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MG75A1 Light Assault Machine Gun


Light machine gun,
squad automatic

Place of origin

Etoile Arcture

Service history

In service

2014 - present

Used by

Etoile Arcture
Ground Forces

Production history


Sequoia Weaponworks




Sequoia Weaponworks

Unit cost


Number built

Quite a few


MG75A1 Light
Machine Gun



? kg


? mm

Barrel length

470 mm


6.5×39mm Grendel


gas operated,
piston driven,
short stroke

Rate of fire

650-850 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity

820 m/s

Effective firing range

700 m

Maximum firing range

1,100 m

Feed system

30-round box mag,
60-round casket mag


rear peep and hooded
front post, day optics,

The MG75A1 Light Assault Machine Gun (LAMG) is a compact, lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled, select fire, light machine gun firing from the open bolt position and chambered in the 6.5×39mm Grendel (6.5/8/800) intermediate combat cartridge. The MG75A1 emulates the top-mounted magazine feed of the famous Czech Bren Gun and American Stoner 63 light machine guns, and is heavily based on the dynamic components of the G500 Modular Weapon System (G500 MWS). The G500 operating system and feed system is inverted and modified for open bolt firing and constant-recoil/spring run-out operation, with the gas piston situated below a 470 mm (18˝ inch) quick-detachable barrel, a rotary bolt locked breach, top cover with magazine feed over the receiver, and an ejection port to the right. The weapon can load any STANAG-compliant 30 round magazine authorised for the G500 MWS, or quad-stack high capacity 60 round 'Casket' magazines. The top-loading magazine allows unrestricted use while prone and has improved reliability thanks to gravity feeding with fewer stoppages and malfunctions. The magazine well is canted to the left to clear the line of sight for use with off-set iron sights, and the ejection port is fitted with a dividing dust cover. The free-floating ventilated hand guard features KeyMod rails and MIL-STD-1913 Pictianny rails are fitted to the reciever and fore-end. The fixed buttstock provides an off-hand hook to stabilise the weapon when mounted on a bipod or tripod mount.


Etoile Arcture

  • Etoile Arcture Special Forces


  • Forces Spéciales

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  • Cartridge: 6.5×39mm Grendel

  • Action: gas operated, piston driven, short stroke

  • Locking: rotary bolt w/ 4 radial lugs

  • Weight: ? kg fully loaded

  • Overall length: ? mm

  • Barrel length: 470 mm

  • Rifling: three lands and grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 178 mm

  • Muzzle device: three port open-end flash hider

  • Feed type: 60 round 'Casket' magazine (Magpul PMAG 60 clone) or 30 round box magazine (Magpul PMAG 30 clone, or STANAG 4179)

  • Sights: rear leaf and hooded front post, day optics, etc

  • Muzzle velocity: 820 m/s

  • Effective range: 700 m vs point targets, 1,100 m vs area targets,

  • Maximum range: 3,600 m

  • Fire control: drop-in replaceable trigger group, ambidextrous selector levers

  • Rate of fire: 45-100 rpm practical, 650-700 rpm cyclic

  • Trigger pull: single-stage Match, non-adjustable 13.34 N pull

  • Unit replacement cost: US$5,000