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Oh look, quotes I thought were interesting yay

Taken from signature

"Bury me in bean bags! I don't wanna know about the world anymore! It's too hard!" - Hank Green, Co-Founder of Vidcon, 2014
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch
"...time is the enemy of the privileged few, cost is the enemy of the masses." - Wendover Productions

I feared it would look bulky so there you go

"All my life I wasn't trying to get on a highway
I was wondering which way to go" - Lyrics from Don't Save Me by HAIM


"Soobtitlay!" - Matt Gray on a video about subtitles called 'Soobtitlays'

"Even in his heart, the Devil has to know the water level
Are you writing from the heart?
Are you writing from the heart?" - Lyrics from Come On! Feel the Illinoise! by Sufjan Stevens

"Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task, if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us, that when the storm is long past, the ocean is flat again." - John Maynard Keynes

"Really, this musclebaby is not powerful - at all. Rather, he's clinging to a sense of power that has already escaped him. This bee... is cucking him." - Big Joel, 2019

"The human body is a true carnival of horrors, and frankly I'm embarrassed to have one." - John Oliver, 2017

The Serenity of Ardrentt