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The Department of Wrath


The Department of Wrath, a subsidiary of The Kingdom of Hell, is an interregional provider of military protection and sin punishment. We believe that the right combination of defending and righteous vengeance will enable the masses across the globe to create and maintain safe environments for their nations to thrive in. As a result, we are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training, complex program management, and logistic support.

Dark Souls in need of imprisonment and punishment are running rampant across Nationstates, spreading wickedness and malice everywhere they go. It is the Devil given mission of this department to go out into the wider world of Nationstates military gameplay to give these sinners the punishment they so desperately seek to avoid. We will crush them when they attempt to commit further evil, and we will turn them back on the rare occasions that they temporarily succeed. Heaven is empty, and it's a Devil's world now. Also totally unrelated, but Dark Souls are an excellent power source and will count majorly towards my yearly bonus provide many benefits to The Kingdom of Hell.


Report to the Vice President of Wrath Altmoras today!