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The Macabees' Guides to Roleplaying, Worldbuilding, and Other Stuff


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Going Nuclear in RolePlay

How do good RPers successfully use nuclear weapons without causing OOC problems? Check out the guide for the answer.


How to OP a Thread Effectively

How do you run an RP? Where do you start? How to do you keep an RP alive? How do you resolve out of character conflict? This guide will walk you through that process and offer you a philosophy regarding the qualities of a well OPd roleplay thread.


The OOC Ethics of Being an IC Superpower

This is a reflection and an argument for what an influential roleplayer should aspire to and what responsibilities [s]he should hold.

Player Conduct

War and Storytelling

How do I roleplay war? This is a guide on not only how to roleplay war, but how to tell a compelling narrative that people will want to read.


You’ve Just Joined an RP Region and/or Group. Now What?

Having trouble getting involved in your region? This is a fool-proof guide to becoming an important part of your RP group.



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Politics & Banking: Part I, Pre-Modern Money and Credit

A high level overview of money and politics in the pre-modern world. How did people pay for things thousands of years ago? When was physical money introduced and why? How did governments pay their troops when they couldn't mint coins? Why did some governments introduce paper money? This guide explores these questions to help players build their worlds in pre-modern/past tech environments.


Towards Greater Realism in NS Trade

Who are my largest trade partners? What kind of economic goods would I import? What kind would I export? This guide answers these questions for you, giving you an introduction to the economics of international trade.

This is not a guide on storefronts.