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Madhouse Productions Official Gameplay Policy

It was recently brought to light (by a raider active in the roleplay community under a different account name) that Madhouse members were attempting to recruit fellow members into their newly formed defender org. This recruitment action involves our organization by name, negating our stance on absolute neutrality. While the recruited member does not wish to divulge who the defender is out of respect for them as a fellow roleplayer, they are within their right to alert their raider organization's leadership. The FOUNDING COUNCIL are not amused that our organization name was drawn into the R/D political mess.

Henceforth, we have instituted a new policy which goes into effect today, 30 July 2017: As we do have members active in R/D, and the leadership of those organizations are aware of our presence and our activity as roleplayers within Madhouse, any members found to have recruited from Madhouse's roster from this day forward will be dismissed, with prejudice, from our organization. Take your R/D issues elsewhere, such as your own servers. Madhouse Productions has a zero tolerance policy regarding "gameplayer/gameplay org bashing" on our open Discord forums and on our official NationStates threads. (We do allow for constructive commentary on our OSF; bear in mind that the very gameplayers you insult may, unbeknownst to you, be your fellow roleplayers on NS. Do not make 'All X are Y' statements for this reason.)

Madhouse Productions supports all players interested in RP, be it II, GE&T, Diplomacy, P2TM, F7, NSSports, and all other RP formats therein via The Madhouse Role Play Group here on NationStates. To that end, Madhouse Productions supports players that are interested in RP-related matters/interest/venues; and fosters communication and understanding among all varied fields and communities.

Our existing Charter, LinkžIX R/D (Gameplay) NationStates, outlines our stance on the matter: Madhouse Productions, and its NS-based 'Madhouse Role Play Group', do not participate as an organization in R/D gameplay on NationStates. Madhouse Productions, and its FOUNDING COUNCIL, do not side with or otherwise support Raider/Defender actions; we may have resources for players to seek information on gameplay and other venues and can recommend organizations that strive to teach gameplay, but as a ROLEPLAY ORGANIZATION, the Council will not at any time take sides.

Players that raid or defend are welcome to join Madhouse Productions to enhance their roleplay experience and skill. We support every member's right to participate in R/D. We recognize gameplay as one facet of NationStates.

As members of Madhouse Productions, all players from all venues will agree to adhere to the rules, regulations, etiquette, and camaraderie fostered among our membership. We will not tolerate subversive or disruptive behavior that seek to damage the community, as a whole, in NationStates, nor will we tolerate members using the Madhouse membership roster to subversively solicit their fellow members in an attempt to recruit them into a defender or raider organization, especially those members participating in the Madhouse Productions Discord server.

Our membership is certainly allowed to approach members that are known defenders or raiders via DM in order to learn more about gameplay. This is not a form of organization recruitment - it is a player seeking info rather than players recruiting for their side. Further, the topic of R/D is not banned from our servers provided our membership approach it objectively rather than posting baity/inflammatory statements in order to get a rise out of one group or the other (or both).

Our creed is simple: Madhouse Productions and the Madhouse Role Play Group stand by the following:

  1. All People have talent regardless of their experience or age - nobody is useless.

  2. Young People have wild imaginations not yet tempered by experience or reality - foster their passions.

  3. Some People are passionate about their favorite genre - this is wonderful. We welcome your passion and will never tell you that you can't play with us. We encourage our members to share their own fan fic or art on our LinkOSF (follow the PG13 guideline) as well.

  4. It doesn't matter if your wonky tech is unrealistic when engaged in nation roleplay with us - you made it and it makes you happy. (Be aware that one Person's tech may not work well in a Group sharing similar tech - your hard line science jump engines will be useless in a gameverse where ships are powered by unicorn farts. If this disturbs you, you aren't forced to play the game. Likewise, unicorn-fart jump engines might not be workable in a science fiction game. Ask before signing up for a game, if in doubt.)

  5. Pay it forward - help when asked, be kind when interacting, follow basic etiquette.

Gameplayers wishing to learn more about roleplay, how to set up roleplay groups on their OSF, or how to involve their membership in roleplay on NationStates are encouraged to contact us with questions. We also encourage them to reach out to official NationStates Roleplay Mentors.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions or concerns.
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