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Notable Persons of Agadar

The Kingdom of Agadar
Notable Persons

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King Harold II Rutherward of Agadar. An austere middle-aged man who values traditions, and is hence favored amongst conservatives and royalists. Adheres to the beliefs and practices of the Agadarian Church, but otherwise has no outspoken positive or negative opinion of it. This lack of an outspoken positive opinion of the Church has led some facets of religious society to believe he is against its institution.

Grand Prince Donovan Rutherward of Agadar. A man who in many ways resembles his royal father, while being completely unlike him in many others. One such example is his love for the theater. The prince is an acting enthusiast and acclaimed dramatic actor, having had leading roles in many prominent, nation-wide plays. He most recently featured in the play Agadjari by fameous playwright Simon Linton.

Prince Reuben Rutherward of Agadar. The youngest of the Agadarian princes. A military man through and through, he is currently serving as First Lieutenant in the Agadarian Royal Armed Forces. In comparison to his father and older brother, Prince Reuben is of a much more joyful nature. This, together with his natural charisma, has earned him the affection of many of Agadar's womenfolk.


Duke Sebastian Boldwyn of Landwick, Lord President of the King's Council. Leads the King's Council through its day-to-day business. Holds an immense loyalty towards his nation and the ideals it represents. Due to his relatively progressive attitude he is often in disagreement with King Harold II in matters of politics and diplomacy. Defending his opinions even when they go against the king's has earned Boldwyn the respect of not only the king, but also of his noble peers.

Duke Edward Caulstrong of Normond, Lord Minister of the Exterior of the King's Council. An extroverted man of proud character, whose love for king and country is matched only by the sheer nobility with which he expresses himself. His exemplary dedication and posture has made him the poster child of Agadarian nobility. He is known for his immense discretion.

Count Palatine Remington Blackburn of Loxworth, Delegate to the Gael Four Commission. A veteran diplomat and politician who does not waste words, instead preferring to speak only when his words hold value and expecting the same from his peers. Has proven his worth to Agadar's upper echelons over the span of a long career.


Archbishop Robert Holman, Patriarch of the Church of Agadar. A pious and devout man of the cloth, whose relationship with King Harold II is strained due to the perceived apathy of the king towards the church. Is ambitiously working to spread the message of Christ to the nonbelievers and to increase the church's influence, both domestic and abroad. Is deemed to be on the center of the conservative/progressive scale.

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