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Rp Races of mine (WIP To be Added To)

Most of my races adn species are for FT rp's, but they have been adapted to Fantasy and science Fantasy settings as well.

Thangar: Fallen empire, Space dwarves with superstrength.

Nah'ni: Insectoids

Draug'n: Aggressive Reptillian Merchant Humanoids

Korvash: Large Psionic Goatlike Mamallians

Species Name:
Biology/Anatomy: (What is the body of the species like? Do they have less bones? Many bones? Purple blood?)
Natural Abilities: (Psionics, Alchemy, Ect...)
Unnatural abilities: (Abilities that put certain members of this species aside from others)
Breathable Gas:

Life Span: (How long do members of this species survive)
Reproduction: (How does this Species Reproduce Asexually? Sexually?)
Intelligence Level: (Sentient/Semi-Sentient Species can have varying levels of intellect that can also affect their technological and military breakthroughs, how intelligent is your species in General?)
Species Type: (Avian-like, Mammalian, Molluscoid, etc...)

Population Percentage: (How many members of this species is affiliated with your Nation)
Notable Individuals: (If Any)

Brief Description of Species:

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