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Havenese Neutrality Doctrine

The Haven Neutrality Doctrine


War, fighting, and chaos has been a part of humankind since the day of its arising. For thousands of years, the world has seen civilizations, communities, and families tear each other apart because of their inclination to fight one another with whatever way possible. Civilizations fall and those within are always ruined or broken, no matter how small it may be. Fights, battles, and wars turn civilized people into barbarians and cause people to hate each other for generations.

Havenburghe does not wish to be part of the barbaric ways of gruesome wars and painful separation that have plagued the humans for so long. With whatever it takes, Havenburghe will take its first steps towards a better tomorrow and away from the shadowy depths of unending hostility and instability. With this, Havenburghe will work for a better future, to develop and advance, and to cease the fighting it has seen for as long as it's been alive.

Article I

With the ratification of this agreement, Havenburghe shall only use its military to defend and support its main allies crucial to survival, no more. Under no case shall it be the first to declare war on another nation without defensive purpose and its contribution in military alliances in a military capacity shall cease and be struck null and void (excempt certian notified nations). No longer will Havenburghe house foreign military forces that express hostile intentions against Havenburghe or a belligerent nation Havenburghe is not involved with in wartime who are not in serious need of medical care or are not a prisoner of war.

Responsibilities of Other Signing Nations Within the Interests of Peace
With the signing of the agreement on neutrality, the foreign signing nations acknowledge in the most formal manner the neutrality and inviolability of Havenburghe and declare that no military consequence be held to the rights of Havenburghe, its people, and its neutrality. They agree that no disruption of the peace in Havenburghe will be made on their part, and that any and all hostilities will be dropped as a part of it.
The signing nations following agree to honorably uphold to their responsibilities in further ensuring peace for themselves and the nation of Havenburghe as detailed in The Havenburghe Neutrality Agreement:

By signing this agreement, you hearbye send your word and a written contract that both nations, yours and Havenburghe's, will not attack each other niether go to war. Havenburghe will not stand in your way in your conflicts and in return you shall honor Havenburghe's nuetrality and protect it in time of need, which includes an offensive against Havenburghe.