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The Cartoon Armed Forces

The Cartoon armed forces was conceived in 1954 and is separated into 5 groups, the army, navy, coast guard, Air Force, and Marine corps.

The Cartoon Army is the backbone of the military. The army is equipped with modern guns and rifles. They also have strong tanks and artillery guns that can reach farther than modern US guns. The army also acts as the home guard when an invasion starts or a riot happens.

The Cartoon Navy is the police power of the oceans of Greater Dienstad. The Cartoon fleet consists of 23 patrol boats, 50 destroyers, 71 cruisers, 34 Frigates, 21 submarines (attack and ballistic), 76 battleships, 44 auxiliary boats, and 55 aircraft carriers hosting about more than 400 types of aircrafts, fighters, torpedo bombers, and reconnaissance aircraft. All these ships are equipped with modern naval guns and jet powered aircraft.

the Cartoon Coast Guard is the protector of Cartoon home waters. Their Job is to help in natural disasters, maritime disasters, home patrol, and sea crimes. They have 5 cutters, 5 patrol boats, 5 destroyers, and 2 icebreakers.

The Cartoon Air Force is the air defense force and air power of this cartoon nation. They consist of many 5 bi-planes, 21 tri-planes, 123 propeller fighters, 109 4-engine bombers, 40 Flying Fortress, 274 jet fighters, 55 stealth bombers, 33 drones, 44 Long range missiles, 10 reconnaissance planes, 7 command planes, and 43 ICBMs. They also, besides the Navy, hold the buttons to launch nuclear weapons. Besides nuclear devices, they also hold the buttons to unleashe two massive weapons of mass destruction, the ion cannon and the Etherion cannon, a magic satellite that can unleash as much destruction power as a nuclear weapon.

The Cartoon Marine Corps is the pride and praise of this nation. The Marines have over 300 Armour vehicles, 50 artillery guns, 25 transport ships, 44 weapons, and 45 aircraft. they fight almost anywhere and are ready at any given time. They are well-trained and highly disciplined. When they invade, they stay for only a couple of days and then they let the army occupy the territory.