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NIA Director Kolbey Relieved Of Duties

14 JUL 2017:
[16:32] - After repeated attempts for negotiation between the Counsel for the Barra of the Navy and the NIA Directorial Staff—NIA Deputy-Director Tersivul Chanzik formally informed (at the request of Navy Barra Kourser) the Director that he was relieved of his duties until further notice.

[16:40] - Director's Office releases a statement to all Capital Naval Yard-based NIA employees informing them that after an attempted coup led by Deputy-Director Chanzik, the Director had successfully retained his position and Chanzik had been fired.

[16:55] - The Office of the Barra of the Navy releases a statement to all Naval employees that the Naval Investigations Agency Directorship had been compromised. The statement went on to say that Director Kolbey had been relieved earlier that day and that any correspondence from his office should be ignored until Acting Director Chanzik released his inaugural address.

[18:00] - The Special Counsel on Administrative Misconduct (joint effort between Federal Tauvrik Oversight Committee, Legal Justice Bureau, & Zocran High Court) issued a detainment warrant for Former Director (not yet fired) Kolbey.

[18:30] - Former Director Kolbey is placed under house arrest (arrest warrant had been issued by Navy Yard Police) by the Navy Yard Police.

[23:30] - Barra Of The Navy officially terminates Former Director Kolbey's employment with NIA.

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