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G430A2 High Precision Sniper Rifle

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G430A2 High Precision Sniper Rifle


Sniper rifle

Place of origin

Etoile Arcture

Service history

In service

2008 - present

Used by

Etoile Arcture
Ground Forces

Production history


Sequoia Weaponworks




Sequoia Weaponworks

Unit cost


Number built

a few thousand


See below



6.2-7.5 kg loaded


1359 mm

Barrel length

749.3 mm


  • .300 Winchester

  • .338 Lapua Magnum

  • .408 CheyTac

  • Action

    bolt action repeating

    Rate of fire

    20 rounds/min

    Muzzle velocity

    840-915 m/s

    Effective firing range

  • 1,100 m (.300
    Winchester Magnum)

  • 1,800 m (.338 Lapua Magnum)

  • 2,200 m (.408 CheyTac)

  • Feed system

    7- or 10-round detachable
    box magazine


    telescopic, clip-on thermal

    The G430A2 High Precision Sniper Rifle is a long action, heavy barrel, air cooled, manually operated, repeating, rotating bolt action, magazine fed weapon with a ten or seven shot capacity. The bolt-action remains the optimum choice for a precision rifle due to its inherent superior accuracy and hitting power compared to semi-automatic gas operated rifles. Other advantages of bolt-actions include a reduced firing signature, including lower flash and sound, and higher concealability as spent rounds can be manually removed. The G430A2 is designed for easy user configurability, featuring a takedown quick-change barrel and replaceable bolt assembly that allows rapid in-the-field swapping out between different calibre's and ammunition depending on the mission. To aid infiltration/exfiltration the weapon can also be broken down into manageable receiver, barrel, handguard and stock groups for ease of manoeuvre, that can be reassembled from breakdown with no change in weapon zero.
    The G430A2 is purpose designed for extreme long distance prone shooting from a covert hide, with an objective of better than 99% first round hit probability at ½ minute of arc (0.5 MOA) accuracy and less than 1 MOA extreme vertical spread for follow on shots. To achieve this goal the weapon system combines a robust and reliable bolt action mechanism; a stiff, tough and lightweight bedding block and ergonomic modular stock that eliminates environmental factors that might affect accuracy such as heat, moisture, and vibration; spin stabilized Super Magnum match ammunition that shoots at consistent precision long range flat trajectories with minimum drop, wind deflection and deceleration; and a full solution digital fire control system based around a range gated electro-optic sight system with eye safer laser range finder, laser wind profiler and inertial motion sensors inputing to a ballistic computer.

    Design details


    The action features a fully enclosed tubular receiver with an ejection port that is machined using computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment from a solid forged blank of EN24T (817M40T) high tensile alloy steel. The receiver attaches firmly to a single-piece trigger and magazine, providing a common aperture for the feed and ejection slot, and entry for the bolt. The steel material is surface-hardened by a carbo-nitriding treatment for enhanced corrosion and abrasive wear resistance and given a non-reflective black oxide corrosion resistance finish. Alternately, a Cerakote™ heat cured protective finish can be applied to camouflage the whole rifle, using a ceramic based paint and epoxy hardener that is durable, weather-, solvent-, corrosion-, and friction-proof.
    The action is securely bedded to a full length CNC-machined solid Ergal 7075-T6 aluminium 'V' type pillar bedding block. This is affixed by three high-torque steel fastening screws to a 6061-T6 aircraft-grade anodized aluminium alloy full length backbone chassis moulded into the stock for maximum stiffness. The modular aluminium chassis system consists of a lightweight but highly rigid skeletonised frame that is epoxy bonded to an overmoulded carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) stock. Both right-hand and left-hand actions can be mounted in the chassis.
    The non-slip polymer-covered aluminium furniture includes an ergonomic target-style pistol grip with oversized trigger guard (patterned off the SG10A2 Demon Razor Medium Sniper Rifle), a deep moulded magazine well, ventilated free-floating trapezoid handguard with barrel shroud to eliminate mirage, and grip handle underneath the fore-end with flattened bottom that can be used as a rest. The configuration is finely balanced for stability with a low centre of gravity optimised for prone shooting. The rigid and robust chassis ensures reliable and consistent accuracy performance even in the most adverse of environmental conditions.


    The quick-change Match heavy barrel is 27⅛ inches overall sans muzzle brake with a tapered contour one inch in diameter for most of its length. It is fluted to save weight, minimise vibration and dissipate heat. The barrel is cold‐rotary hammer forged over a precision mandrel using EN19 (709M40) alloy steel, and button rifled to give a smooth and work-hardened inner surface for consistency and accuracy. The rifling twist ratio is 1 turn in 10 or 13 inches for providing a faster rotational stability to Super Magnum ammunition to produce sub-MOA accuracy, counterbored at the muzzle to protect the edges of the rifling
    The barrel threads into the action only at the bolt end, secured by a lock-nut and detent, where it free-floats in front of the receiver for effective elimination of vibrational resonance that can affect accuracy. The chamber is cut to a Match headspace tolerance of ±.001 inches or better to maintain high accuracy. The bore is chrome-lined to resist throat erosion with an accuracy life in excess of 10,000 rounds. The barrel can be mounted, removed and remounted using only a single T-handle Allen hex key wrench without affecting weapon zero or boresight allignment.
    The muzzle has an 11° target crown and is threaded for a case hardened alloy steel muzzle brake/flash suppressor. The brake has three asymmetric ports on either side, inclined at 45° to divert muzzle gas away from the shooter. It is effective at reducing muzzle flip, recoil (by up to 45%) and hiding flash. A titanium suppressor can also be attached by the muzzle thread that reduces muzzle blast and fully eliminates dust and debris signature when firing prone.


    Located inside the receiver is a substantial Sako-style forged AISI 4140 (42CRMOS4) chrome-moly high tensile steel single piece bolt with chrome plated bolt head. It is swappable for right and left-handed operation and locks by three forward locking lugs and a safety lug at the handle for maximum stiffness. The bolt is lapped to ensure optimal contact with the lugs, and cut with helical fluting that scrapes grit and particles away from the ejection port and off the bolt as it rotates allowing operation under the most challenging of conditions. The bolt head is vented to divert hot gas away from the operator in case of a cartridge failure.
    An oversized tactical bolt knob provides easy purchase even with gloved hands, and cocks the action with a short lift of only 60° so as not to interfere with low-mounted scopes and sights. The amount of bolt travel is adjustable for both short or long throws to allow feeding long (Super Magnum) or short (Magnum) cartridges. The entire bolt assembly can be dissembled with a Torx wrench to allow rapid swapping out between different calibres. The action has a non-rotating full length Mauser-type claw extractor and spring-loaded blade ejector that produce controlled and reliable feeding, extraction and ejection of rounds allowing full control of the cycle of operation.


    A three position safety is mounted right behind the bolt in the center of the tang. It is controlled by a thumb actuated triple action safety lever above the pistol grip that simultaneously interlocks the bolt, trigger and sear, and only operates when the bolt is cocked. The three positions are: forward (fire), middle (safe but with the bolt free to work back and forth allowing loading or unloading of a round), and rear (safe with the bolt handle locked in the rear-most position). Beside the bolt is a cocking indicator that can be felt by touch and comprises a protruding pin with a high visibility red coating.


    The two-stage trigger is a direct pull type trigger adjustable in both stages for pressure and tension, being tunable to break at between 1 to 2.5 kg, with finer adjustments to rectify for creep and overtravel. The fire control system uses a Bellville washer stack instead of springs and a light titanium floating firing pin with short striking distance. These ensure consistently short lock times (the time between trigger sear release and the firing pin striking the primer) to minimise the effect of any movement (vibration, breathing, heartbeat, flinch, wind, etc) from affecting accuracy.

    Ammunition feeding

    The G430A2 utilises a C.I.P. length spring-loaded ten round (reduced to seven rounds when using .408 CheyTac ammunition) double-stack detachable box magazine (DBM) that feeds through the bottom of the receiver. The DBM including the floorplate and follower are made from robust heavy gauge carbon steel with a hand polished exterior to ensure frictionless drop free operation. Two patterns of magazine are available for either Magnum and Super Magnum ammunition, with a CNC-machined magazine well insert for the former to ensure a flush fit in the well. Loading is controlled by a paddle type magazine release catch located on the front edge of the well.


    The spring-locked side-folding buttstock is made from hardcoat anodised aircraft grade Ergal 7075-T6 aluminium alloy and fits an elastomeric recoil pad with a checkered non-slip face texture, a polymer three-position side-saddle cheek piece adjustable in comb height and pitch, a spring-loaded stabilising monopod recessed under the butt with a threaded foot, and sling swivel attachment sockets on both sides for mounting short sections of Picatinny rail. Length of pull (LOP) is adjustable using ¼", ½" and ¾" plastic spacers to obtain the correct eye relief.


    There is no provision for open sights with the receiver top drilled and tapped for a titanium scope base with either 30 or 40 MOA of forward elevation cant. This utilises MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails that can fit anything from Weaver-style 17 mm scope rings to Barrett 34 mm rings. A full-length forged 6061-T6 aluminium Picatinny rail is also moulded atop the handguard forward of the receiver, providing an uninterrupted monolithic 12 o'clock flattop rail to mount thermal sights in front of a day optic. The handguard also incorporates sling swivel sockets for mounting additional rail sections at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock to create a full quad-rail interface system. The fore-end and grip handle both feature recessed Anschütz style flush mounts, consisting of a 1045 carbon steel UIT accessory rail with a QD swivel stud riding in the slot, and can be used to mount Harris or Parker-Hale type bipods, or a short section of Picatinny rail.



    The G430A2 is designed to shoot Super Magnum calibre spitzer-tipped, boat tail Match grade ammunition having a high ballistic coefficient with low drop, wind deflection and deceleration. Three chamber options are available through bolt head, barrel and magazine changes. The .300 Winchester Magnum shooting 180 or 220 gr Hollow Point Boat Tail (HP-BT) very-low-drag bullets to 1,100 m where it is best optimized for anti-terrorism and counter-sniping missions. The .338 Lapua Magnum military cartridge with a high pressure powder loading, firing 250 gr Lapua Lock Base very-low-drag bullets capable of reaching 2,400 m, and remaining supersonic to 1,500 m for effective anti-personnel and long range interdiction missions. And the even further reaching .408 Cheyenne Tactical (CheyTac) cartridge, firing 419 gr very-low-drag mono metal bullets capable of delivering greater energy at 700 m than a .50 BMG ball round and possessing a supersonic range of 2,000 m. The .408 CheyTac includes armour piercing incendiary loadings to provide light material destruction, featuring a friction-activated pyrophoric metal bullet coating that can reliably initiate a self-sustaining gasoline fire in fuel tanks and drums.


    G430A2 High Precision Sniper Rifle

      The G430A2 is a multi-calibre system using a common reciever that can be adapted by changing outbolts, magazines, fore ends and barrels in the field to switch between the .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum and .408 CheyTac calibres.


    Etoile Arcture

    • Etoile Arcture Special Forces

    Telegram for purchasing details.


    • Cartridge: .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62×67 mm), .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6×70 mm) or .408 CheyTac (10×77mm)

    • Action: manual, bolt action repeating

    • Locking: rotating bolt w/ 4 lugs (3 front, 1 rear)

    • Weight: 6.2-7.5 kg fully loaded

    • Overall length: 1270 mm (50 in) wo/ muzzle brake, 1359 mm (53½ in) w/ muzzle brake, 1600 mm (63 in) w/ suppressor

    • Barrel length: 690 mm (27⅛ in) wo/ muzzle brake, 749.3 mm (29½ in) w/ muzzle brake

    • Rifling:

      • .300 Winchester Magnum: 6 lands and groove, right hand twist w/ 1 turn in 254 mm (10 in)

      • .338 Lapua Magnum,, .408 CheyTac: 4 lands and groove, right hand twist w/ 1 turn in 330 mm (13 in)

    • Muzzle brake: threaded six port baffle

    • Feed type: 5-, 7- or 10-round, detachable box magazine, double column

    • Sights: telescopic day optic, clip-on night sight or thermal sight, electronic aiming aids, etc

    • Muzzle velocity:

      • .300 Winchester Magnum: 840 m/s

      • .338 Lapua Magnum: 905 m/s

      • .408 CheyTac: 915 m/s

    • Effective range:

      • .300 Winchester Magnum: 1,100 m

      • .338 Lapua Magnum: 1,800 m

      • .408 CheyTac: 2,200 m

    • Maximum range:

      • .300 Winchester Magnum: 1,500 m

      • .338 Lapua Magnum: 2,400 m

      • .408 CheyTac: 3,500 m

    • Fire control: Match two-stage trigger, ambidextrous 3-way safety/selector levers

    • Rate of fire: 20 rpm

    • Trigger pull: two-stage Match, tunable 9.8-24.5 N pull

    • Unit replacement cost: US$21,500

    The Unitary Technocracy of Etoile Arcture