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League of Environmental Alliances

Welcome - Velkimmen
To the visitor center of the League of Environmental Alliances

We are a group of nations engaged in protecting our environments and advancing issues pertaining to the environment. The LoEA was founded over a shared appreciation, dedication, and care for the environment as a whole. Our goal is to ensure that the environment is protected and treated with respect, and the utmost care is taken to ensure this. We defend the environments of other nations with foreign aid for environmental protection, international student and scientific exchange programs, and general aid and guidance.

Those nations that wish to join must notify the LoEA, and wait for a reply as the current members vote on their entry. A nation needs only a simple majority vote to enter the LoEA. We are all inclusive, and will not solely or collectively judge other nations on their government types, personal differences, or their respected ideas and opinions.

Current members:
Willania imperium

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