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Announcing the 2017 Defender Awards!

Greetings, defenders everywhere!

You are cordially invited to the 2017 Defender Awards, hosted by the Order of the Grey Wardens. Formerly run by the Founderless Regions Alliance, the Defender Awards are an annual festival where defenders from all across the world come together and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the past year. All awards are decided by the defender community at large, and any member of any defender organization is eligible to win awards.

As it's been 2 years since the last Defender Awards, several of the awards have been either renamed, added, or removed. The awards for this year are as follows:

Defender of the Year [individual] (self-explanatory)
Ananke Award [Individual] (Spotting)
Anarchotopia Award [Organization] (Invasion Prevention)
Eagles Disobey Award [Organization] (Keeping Free Regions Free)
The Blackbird Award [Organization] (Best Invaders)
Sir Lans Award [Individual] (Update Attendance)
Operation of the Year (Self Explanatory)
Best Newcomer [Individual or Organization] (Self Explanatory)
Worst Operation (Our Biggest Fail)
Meltdown of the Year (Biggest Raider Fail)
Worst Invader Group [Organization] (Biggest Fail / Annoyance)
Best Defender Quote [Individuals] (Self Explanatory)
Best Defender Mentor [Individual] (Training New Defenders)
Eluvatar Award [Individual] (Tech)
Karputsk Award [Individual] (Liberations)
Numero Capitan Award [Individual] (Intelligence Work)
WASC Award [Individual] (WASC Authorship)
Lifetime Achievement Award (Dedication to Defending)

The event will take place on the Grey Wardens forum starting Saturday, July 1. Nominations will be open for a period of two weeks, from July 1-15, and voting will take place for one week, from July 15-22. The winners will be announced within three days of the closure of voting. Post here after registering to be masked:

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!