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Norrland Mentoring Program

Norrland Mentoring Program

What is the mentoring program?
The Mentoring program is a new movement to allow for newer members of the Region to get more involved in our Region or NationStates in general. Mentors are hand-picked by the Government, and will be available to answer any questions that you may have about your experience here.

For example, you could ask about:
  • Political Parties in Norrland

  • The regional Government

  • The regional RP

  • The World Assembly

  • How issues affect your nation, and what stats are used in Norrland

Who are the mentors?
As stated before, mentors are hand-picked to ensure that you get a suitable buddy who knows the ins and outs of the game and region. Our current mentors are as follows:
  • New Woking (Current Chancellor, joined September 2016)

  • Imperial canadian union (Current Deputy Chancellor, joined December 2016)

  • New-indochina (Current Local Minister, joined December 2016)

  • Stahnia (Current Foreign Minister, joined May 2015)

  • Gal may (Current Regional Moderator, joined December 2016)

  • Republic of greater cuba (Member of Norrland, joined October 2015)

How to sign up for a mentor
If you are interested in signing up for a mentor, then please be sure to telegram New Woking in order to declare your interest in the program. You will receive a reply promptly, and you will be automatically assigned a mentor to assist you in your settling in.

How to sign up to be a mentor
If you are interested in mentoring new members of Norrland, then please send a telegram to New Woking or New-indochina. You will be reviewed and if you succeed, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Extra Information

All mentors will have a special "Mentor" role on Discord. This is to allow people to easily identify who current mentors are without heading over to NationStates. I ask that you please refrain from contacting mentors without being directly assigned to them. Our mentors will have a lot on their hands and their buddies will be sorted accordingly to ensure that everyone is spread out fairly.

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