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RaiderCon 2017

RaiderCon Information

LinkRaiderCon is an annual out-of-character event that celebrates the past, present, and future of raiding in NationStates. Players across NationStates come together to engage in discussions, raid games, and check out the Raiding Museum. RaiderCon has daily segments that examine raiding from various angles, which can be found below.

It's a fun, inclusive event that players from all alignments are welcome to attend. RaiderCon will be taking place from July 1st until July 6th on this LinkForum.

Attendees can also chat on the LinkDiscord Server to build community with each other.

Lastly, at the end of RaiderCon, the newest inductees of the Raiding Hall of Fame will be announced.

2017 Program

July 1st: Spotlight on Female Raiding Gameplayers
Speakers: Altino, Elfine, Greyed Rigels Light, and Queen Yuno

July 2nd: Voice Chats with Generals of The Black Hawks
Speakers: Crushing Our Enemies, Jakker, Ever-Wandering Souls, and TBH Commander

July 3rd: Post-Predator: One Year Later
Speakers: Chingis, Plagentine, and Reventus Koth

July 4th: Spotlight on The Farkers: Player Testimonies on one of the First Organized Raiding Groups

July 5th: New Raiders: The Future of Raiding
Speakers: Cyzon Galactic, Moneyness, Serboro, and Yeleria gilia

July 6th: Coups of Game-Created Regions
Speakers: Cormactopia Prime, Dalimbar, and Neo Kervoskia

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