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Permanent Evolution

There ain't no convention like a constitutional convention
because a constitutional convention happens annually!

Hey there, kiddos.

Here's the thing - the RIA is special. Sure, I love the place and it's got a lot going for it, but I don't mean that kinda special. I'm talking the kinda special where someone practically creates an award for a guy and it still ends in a tie. We just might be the most successful region which, for the greater part of the past 4 years, has essentially been without a government. It's so hard to get people to participate in administration that we'd probably benefit from some good ol' fashioned espionage at this point.

Every once in a while we realize things aren't quite working and we revert to a time honored tradition, proven time and time again to be totally ineffective but we know it's gonna work this time! Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce the 7th constitutional convention of the Renegade Islands Alliance!

The new constitution would probably be pretty kick ass in a region that gave a crap, so there's no telling how this one will end up. You never know if you don't try, right? Here's the working draft. You probably won't read it. Most of the people who vote on it probably won't, either. That's okay, here's the important stuff:

The Citizen's Congress!

We're already doing this, but it's a cool idea so we're keeping it. We don't have an elected legislature. Instead, all of our citizens are automatically voting members in congress. It's a pretty neat drop-in/drop-out legislative body where you really only have to participate if you care about an issue. It came about because (surprise!) we had a hard time finding enough candidates to fill a senate, but the open democracy is too cool to let slip away.

Bringing RP front and center!

For years I've been trying to define our region as "typical Defender region #12", and our roleplay community only grew around it. They're the heart of the region's activity and one of the reasons we've maintained the same activity levels whether we've got over 500 nations or under 300. Seriously, these guys and gals prove that population is only a number. It's time to stop fighting what's been right in front of our faces and give them more influence over the region that has really become theirs.

The Assembly of Renegades!

The IC Assembly will be like the WA or UN, but on a regional level. The OOC Assembly will select RP moderators and they'll get control over regional lore and canonization, so now the people who don't care about RP can stop messing everything up. We think they'll like this.


This one's pretty cool. We'll have 3 factions, and they're going to be awarded for doing things in the region like writing cool stories in RP, recruiting, starting up a Left 4 Dead 2 party, or participating in RIASF ops. Folks will earn points for their factions, Harry Potter-style, and every quarter the leading faction will be given opportunities to influence the region. Factions will get to make their own rules for the most part, and I've already heard talk to people having selective entry requirements, electing their RP council representative, or being ruled by a dictator who appoints the officers as he chooses.

An RP Advisor in the Grand Council!

I wasn't joking when I said the Council messes RP up. We largely have no idea what we're doing, and whenever we try to help it usually ends in a miniature revolution. To help make life easier for everybody, the RP folks will now get to pick one of their very own to serve as a full member in the region's executive body. The leading faction gets to choose one of their members to serve the executive role, and they also get an extra vote in the RP council. So by helping us with all the OOC administrative stuff, they get more influence in the RP game they care about. Win-win... hopefully. We'll see!

So here's to yet another new constitution! People are throwing around some pretty great ideas and we can't wait to see how it ends up!