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Part I - NationStates Banners - Descriptors of 'Earned' Banners Used for Daily Issues: Part II - The West Pacific Custom Banners and How to Use and Make Them

Part I - NationStates Banners - Descriptors of 'Earned' Banners and List of Those Banners Used for Daily Issues

Part II -The West Pacific Custom Banners and How to Use and Make Them visit:

Show some love for The West Pacific by flying one of these fancy and reasonably stylish custom banners! Feel free to use any or all of these on your nations, and you're also welcome to edit them with whatever bizarre additions you want. I'll hopefully be expanding this collection with more and more crazy banners in the future! If you have suggestions for other custom banners and want someone else to do the work, you can just telegram me, and I'll see if we can put something cool together. The only thing I ask in return for the use of these banners is that you take a moment to upvote this dispatch - just press the little upwards arrow in the top right corner. Thanks!

Note: These banners use a size different to that of the automatic NationStates banners that you start out with, that allows the whole image to show on standard desktop screen resolutions without distortion. This does however mean that the fade transitions between these custom banners and the default ones look somewhat clunky. So if clunky transitions make you want to feed yourself to a velociraptor, then I'd suggest disabling all default banners and only using these custom banners to avoid that. Who needs default when you have these beauties, anyway?

Included in the second half of this dispatch is a short guide on how to use custom banners, in case anyone experiences difficulty or doesn't know how the banners feature works. Just scroll down past the banners to get to it! :)

More to be added in the future!

First, navigate to the obnoxiously large "settings" button at the top of your page and click it, indicated in the above picture by some lovely bright arrows pointing at an irregular looking box shape. This button is only at the top of your page if you are using the "rift" theme, but then, rift is also the only theme that uses these banners, so I'll assume you're already on the rift theme.

Once on the settings page, scroll downwards until you stumble across the banner box, located right beneath your flag. As indicated by those crazy bright arrows that seem to appear out of nowhere in the above picture, there should be a "choose banners" button next to this box. Go ahead and click that button.

You're now on the banners page! If you have a high enough population to unlock the feature, you should see some custom banner boxes at the top of the page. All you need to do from here is hit the "upload" button highlighted by the apparently pervasive bright arrows in the above picture.

Clicking the button in the previous step should have expanded the box, revealing the upload tool shown in the above picture. Selecting it will open a window on your computer, allowing you to choose the file you want to upload. (If you're hoping to use one of the custom banners in this dispatch, you'll first need to save the banner you want to your computer. You can do that by just scrolling back up to the banner you wanted, right clicking it, and selecting "save image as", or some variation of that. Remember where you save it, so you can find it again when using the upload tool!) Once you've selected the file you want, just hit the "upload" button next to the tool, and you're all done!

If you have any questions, feel free to telegram me, but this should be a pretty straightforward process. :)

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There is currently a total of 258 banners available to players which are 'awarded' resulting mainly from how nations answer the 1200+ daily issues which are offered.
This banner, which is not in this category, is my favourite because I am a keen bird watcher!
It is also the banner for Daily Issues: # 353 - Broadband Going To The Birds?, # 647 - Songbirds' Decline Ruffles Feathers, and
Daily Issue # 745 - The Bird Has Flown

This dispatch lists these banners in alphabetical order. It should be noted that there are five banners which can be customized and are awarded solely on the basis of achieving population figures of: 50 million citizens, 200 million citizens, 1 billion citizens, 10 billion citizens, and 20 billion citizens. In addition, there are banners awarded for answering daily issues counts of 6, 10, 15, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300.

Many of the banners are awarded as a result of a specific combination of population size, and social and economic conditions, whilst other banners become available as a consequence of specific actions, or events, in your nation's life. Each of the 258 banners is reproduced below, together with its descriptor


A Many Splendored Land: Address 50 issues

A Moment's Peace: Combine a strong military with civil rights

A New Day: Change from one nation classification to another

A Voice at the Table: Join the World Assembly

Abandoned: Exhibit a disturbingly low average lifespan

Above it All: Develop a stoic, dispassionate citizenry

Air and Glass: Develop a technologically literate populace that doesn't care that much

All Available Space: Run a below-average but not terrible economy

All That Glitters: Combine a thriving economy with significant corruption and inequality

An Apple a Day: Encourage healthy eating

Artist's Impression: Develop high levels of economic freedom in a nation of at least 250 million citizens

Aspire: Develop a strong economy in a scientifically advanced nation with a good environment

At Rest: Eliminate the elderly

Atomic Age: Build Bigger Bombs

Autumnal: See in your first national birthday

Avast!: Keel-haul scurvy dogs

Beached: Develop a compassionate populace with a good environment

Beating Heart: Reach 300 million citizens with a very strong economy and a non-terrible environment

Better When Bottled: Develop a thriving bottled goods industry

Between God and Rock: Provide significant public funding for religion

Bike Lane: Ban automobiles

Birds of a Feather: Be endorsed by six nations at once

Blue Sky Mining: Develop a strong mining industry

Book Repository: Develop quality libraries

Book Smarts: Develop a nation of readers

Brave New World: Found a Region

Bridge to Nowhere: Overlook education

Bright Lights Big City: Combine 1 billion citizens with a very strong economy

Budding Freedoms: Develop high recreational drug use

Business First: Prioritize commerce

Cavern: Give tourism a state-funded helping hand to promote an excellent environment

Celestial Color: Embrace the one true faith

Cheeky: Take it all off

Chewing the Cud: Prioritize agriculture-based industries

City of Sand: Combine a population of 200 million with a terrible environment

City of Sticks: Combine a beautiful environment with a weak economy

Clean and Green: Fund environmental initiatives

Cold Hard Reality: Eliminate public healthcare

Conference: Partner with private industry

Contemplation: Develop a faithful populace

Conveyance: Develop a strong transportation plan

Could Have Happened to Anyone: Combine sub-par intelligence with a beautiful environment

Cracked: Have trouble attracting tourists

Crisp Morning: Address 75 issues

Crisp Village: Develop a cultured, self-centered nation of at least 40 million citizens

Cruise: Build an extremely large military

Cultivated: Provide government support for parks and nature reserves

Custom # 1: Reach 50 million citizens

Custom # 2: Reach 200 million citizens

Custom # 3: Reach 1 billion citizens

Custom # 4: Reach 10 billion citizens

Custom # 5: Reach 20 billion citizens

Defiance: Cultivate a nation of activists

Delicious: Support the dairy industry

Department of Oversight: Clamp down on political freedom

Detrimental Externality: Seriously prioritize the economy over the environment

Dissent is Treason: Harshly suppress political opposition

Domed: Develop excellent political freedoms

Dumped: Eliminate environmental protections

Dune: Enhance the environment by removing trees

Early to Rise: Develop a thriving agriculture sector

Eggcelent Detective Work: Collect four Easter eggs

Energy Source: Power the economy without mining

Engine of Growth: Develop a strong automotive industry

Every Road is a Story: Write five or more dispatches or factbooks

Everyone Wants a Piece: Develop a thriving entertainment industry

Exodus: Combine a terrible economy with a terrible environment

Export Sales: Develop a thriving industry

Faces of Nations # 1: Develop above average civil rights

Faces of Nations # 2: Develop very good civil rights

Faces of Nations # 3: Develop very good civil rights

Faces of Nations # 4: Develop excellent civil rights

Faces of Nations # 5: Develop excellent civil rights

Faces of Nations # 6: Develop superb civil rights

Faces of Nations # 7: Develop superb civil rights

Faces of Nations # 8: Develop world benchmark civil rights

Faces of Nations # 9: Develop world benchmark civil rights

Faces of Nations # 10: Develop excessive civil rights

Faces of Nations # 11: Develop excessive civil rights

Faces of Nations # 12: Develop excessive civil rights

Faces of Nations # 13: Develop frightening civil rights

Faces of Nations # 14: Develop frightening civil rights

Fast Lane: Choose Cars Over Environment

Father Knows Best: Become a Father Knows Best state

Fields of Gold: Become a World Assembly Delegate

Form and Function: Guide the political process with a firm hand

Foundry: Develop a solid industrial base

From Above: Build a very large military

From the Earth: Enforce compulsory vegetarianism

Gatekeepers: Develop high levels of corruption

Genetic Warfare: Combine a strong military with advanced medical research

Giving Back: Extend your citizens' average lifespan beyond 70 years

Glory to the Government: Develop a large, corrupt government

Go It Alone: Reject state-funded welfare

Gone Fission: Build nuclear power plants

Gray Power: Care for the Elderly

Great Works: Be cultured and clever

Green is the Morrow: Address 100 issues

Hallowed Halls: Support traditional religion

Handheld: Stay out of the bedroom

Happy Trails: Address 200 issues

High-Density Culture: Show an appreciation for the finer things

Hiking: Leverage a beautiful environment into a thriving tourism industry

Hilly Terrain: Become a site supporter

Holy Warriors: Develop a faith-based military

Holy Water: Support national religion

Home: Develop a good economy with some income inequality

Home Alone: Develop a populace who like to keep to themselves

Homeward with Ripples: Develop a thriving tourism industry

Hostile Elements: Develop a nation of at least 50 million citizens who aren't especially fond of strangers

Icy Gaze: Address 250 issues

Immortal: Address 300 issues

Improvements Can Be Made: Fund very advanced health research

In My Sights: Support the right to bear arms

Inconsistent Service Delivery: Abolish the government

Incremental Improvement: Develop a good economy in a nation of at least 200 million citizens

Interior Tech: Combine a strong IT industry with a powerhouse economy

Infected: Deal with the undead

Island of Many Hills: Develop a very strong economy in a nation of 2 billion citizens

Jacked In: Embrace technology

Keeper of the Flame: Support alternative religions

Keeping the Peace: Prioritize Law & Order

Kickball: Nurture a happy, free populace

Leadership: Take Charge

Life is a Mystery: Cultivate a deeply spiritual populace

Light the Lamps: Become influential in a region


Listening In: Take a keen interest in what your citizens are doing

Live Wire: Outsource national power generation

Making No Cents: Free yourself from the tyranny of coins

Material Disadvantage: Build an inadequately-funded military

Medical Innovation: Fund advanced health research

Medieval: Reject modern ways

Mega-Metropolis: Combine 10 billion citizens with a powerhouse economy

Mesa: Address 15 issues

Metropolis: Combine 400 million citizens with a good economy

Minimalistic Curves: Develop an extremely intelligent populace

Misty Morning: Protect the forests

Model of Efficiency: Prioritize the economy over the environment

Modern Steel Reach 100 million citizens with an excellent environment and economy

Modern Style: Develop clever citizens

Morning Calm: Achieve balance in all things

Mother and Child: Eliminate youth crime while maintaining civil rights

National Pride: Enforce compulsory military service

Nation's Fashion: Develop a world-class fashion industry

Needs of the Many: Enforce capital punishment

New Around Here: Found a nation!

Nice for Some: Simultaneously develop a strong economy and high income inequality

Nice Part of Town: Get cultured

No Limits: Abolish speed limits

No Moisture Required: Have a truly terrible environment

No Rest for the Young: Develop a problem with youth crime

Nothing to See Here: Develop a serious crime problem

Not Sure What's Happening Here: Be strange

Oasis: Be a regional hermit

Oblong Secrets: Find an Easter Egg

Ocean Frolics: Make your people extremely cheerful

Ocean Nova: Develop a world-class environment

Old Ways are Best: Develop a low-tech but economically thriving nation

On Rails: Provide substantial public transport

On the Menu: Eat your national animal

On the Water: Prioritize the environment over the economy

Open for Business: Help your people do business

Outdoor Pursuits: Combine a healthy populace, civil rights, and an excellent environment

Out There: Become so technologically advanced, they don't even have a name for it

Oversight: Fund Law & Order in a low-tech nation

Palatial: Develop very high levels of corruption

Patrol: Build a ridiculously large military

Pause for Sightseeing: Combine a pleasant environment with cars and low intelligence

Peacekeepers: Build a military

Perched: Divide into self-governing regions

Perspective: Believe in religious tolerance

Pillar of Society: Grow the government

Piped Profits: Develop a thriving soda industry

Platform for Expansion: Develop a very large industrial base

Popular Uprising: Defend the right to protest

Power from the People: Develop a keenly politically aware populace

Power Grid: Boost education

Productive Soil: Develop a strong agriculture sector alongside a good environment

Progress is Movement: Develop a thriving gambling industry

Progress is Thirsty Work: Develop a strong economy in a collapsing environment

Protector: Know what's best

Puffing Billy: Provide a low-tech public transport

Queen of the Hill: Address 30 issues

Railworks: Maintain a healthy economy in the absence of cars

Red Dawn: Revere a land-based animal

Remembered: Push average citizen lifespan below 50 years

Removed: Develop a religious yet uncaring populace

Renovator's Delight: Combine 100 million citizens with a weak economy

Respected: Be endorsed

Retirement: Extend your citizens' average lifespan beyond 80 years

Revolving: Explore alternative forms of energy

Ride the Wave: Trust the market

River City: Combine 100 million citizens with a reasonable economy

Rock of Ages: Be truly ancient

Rocky Endeavor: Address 150 issues

Rush Hour: Develop a strong cattle industry

Sand and Rock: Attribute 1% of annual deaths to people getting lost in the wilderness

Scenic Slag Heap: Develop a beautiful environment alongside a thriving mining industry

Seat of Power: Develop a large, tasteful government

Secure: Fill the prisons

Seeing in the Dawn: Develop a population of at least 6 million citizens

Seen Better Days: Run a crumbling economy

Seen Much Better Days: Run a very poor economy

Server Room: Develop a strong technology industry

Shacked Up: Combine a good environment with below-average economy

Simple Life: Develop an issue with unemployment

Skyward: Reach 500 million citizens with a very strong economy

Slice of Life: Support the pizza industry

Slight Crime Problem: Develop a crippling crime problem in a reasonably wealthy nation of at least 500 million citizens

Slumming: Develop significant numbers of impoverished citizens

Small Business: Run a fragile economy or worse

Snowed In: Address ten issues

Sole Survivor: Develop an extremely strong timber industry

Some Climbing Required: Write a Factbook

Something Better: Reject industry

Stadium: Develop healthy Citizens

Stand Alone: Eschew the military

Starting Out: Combine civil rights with a healthy economy

Steel and Glass: Reach 2 billion citizens with a strong economy

Stories to Tell: Publish a dispatch other than a Factbook

Summer Residence: Develop deep-rooted corruption with a taste for nice things

Sunset Escort: Build a substantial military

Tall Timbers: Develop a thriving timber industry

Tanks for Everything: Build a large military

Temperature Dropping: Develop an inhospitable climate

The Fish are Worth It: Support the fishing industry

The Future is Near: Make contact

The Hand That Feeds: Simultaneously develop strong automotive and agricultural sectors

The Hills Are Alive: Develop a beautiful environment in a nation of 1 billion citizens

The Other Way: Develop a good economy without free markets

The Sea Remembers: Make sewage waste someone else's problem

The Sun Always Rises: Exhibit low unemployment

The World Above Us: Reach for the stars

There Are Always More Questions: Become highly scientifically advanced

There Will Be Blood: Make sacrifices

There's A Whole World Out There: Abolish computers

They Grow Up So Fast: Develop a good economy in a nation of 300 million citizens

Thickening Blue Line: Boost the police force

Together: Share the institution of marriage

Tourist Destination: Develop a culture-based tourism industry

Trade Hub: Develop a broad industrial base

Tranquility: Develop a pleasant environment in a religious nation

Treefall: Protect the land

Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted: Close the borders to immigration

Trickle Down: Develop high income inequality

Unbeaten Path: Become an Anarchy

Under and Over: Simultaneously develop low inequality and high culture

Underbelly: Combine heavy industry with crime

Urban Sprawl: Reach 5 billion citizens

Vats Entertainment: Embrace Vats

Vaults of Knowledge: Develop a thriving publishing industry

Very Fishy: Revere a marine animal

Vista: Be cultured

Walking in Paradise: Develop an extremely good environment

White Whale: Fail to prevent mistakes in the fishing industry

Window Shopping: Develop a cultured nation of at least 80 million with good civil rights

Windswept: Address six issues

You Didn't Build That: Engage in corporate welfare

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