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The Charter of the Classical Liberal Party


ARTICLE I: Establishment
We, the founding members of the Classical Liberal Party of the Parliamentary Union of Sovereign Nations, do hereby ratify this Charter in the spirit of representation, freedom, and democracy.

ARTICLE II: Leadership
1) We establish three leadership positions within the party: the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the General Secretary.
2) The Chair is the primary figurehead and spokesperson for the party. In addition, they will be the utmost leader of the Party, and will guide policy based on the tenets in the Manifesto.
3) The Vice-Chair will assist the Chair in their duties, including temporarily taking their place should the Chair experience an extended period of inactivity.
4) The General-Secretary will oversee the administration of the party.
5) The Party Leadership will collectively be called "The Executive Council".
6) For every 10 additional members after 10 members, 2 Executive Councillors must be elected at the next Convention.
7) Party Leadership shall be elected at each regularly scheduled Convention.

1) From the 5th to the 15th of the month before a Parliamentary Election, a Party Convention shall be held, open to all members of the Party, and organized by the Party Chair.
2) During the Convention, the members will discuss and vote on various topics, including:
A) Creating a Party Manifesto outlining the Party's ideals.
B) Possibly amending this Charter.
C) Recruitment and Outreach.
D) Electoral Lists and Strategy.
E) Electing Party Leadership.
3) Conventions will be held publicly in the Citizen's Forum.
4) The Chair may call a "Snap Convention" if there is one or more crucial issues that require a formal convocation of the party members. In such a case, Clause 2 is waived.
5) In the event that one or more of the members of the the Executive Council are inactive for a period of time longer than two weeks, one or more members of the Executive Council resign, or one or more members of the Executive Council are generally incapable from maintaining their position (ie. the member leaves the Union, or is banned temporarily or permanently), the remaining members of the Executive Council must call a Snap Convention where elections for the Party Leadership will be held.
6) The members of the Party may, by a petition of 50% of the members, call a Snap Convention. If no members of the Executive Council are available or capable to organize the Convention, it will be chaired by the member who started the petition.

ARTICLE IV: Amendment
This Charter may be amended by a majority vote of two-thirds at a formal Convention.

ARTICLE V: Conclusion
By a simple majority vote, we, the Members of the Classical Liberal Party, in attendance to the First Classical Liberal Party Convention, do hereby ratify this Charter.

June 19th, 2017
Libertarian Democracy
Saint Artica and the Nordic Kingdoms
The Greatest Bestest Nation

AMENDMENT I: (Adopted August 16th, 2017)
The Party shall register as a Section A NGO under SO#2017-60.