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H166 Reindeer Medium Utility Helicopter

[floatright][box][center][background-block=#dcdfe1][b]H166 Reindeer Medium Utility Helicopter[/b][/background-block][/center]

[b]Type[/b]: Medium Utility

[b]Place of origin[/b]: [nation=short]Noronica[/nation]

[b]Manufactured by[/b]: 
- [url=]Hunter Defence Systems[/url]

[b]Unit cost[/b]: $21,000,000


[b]Crew[/b]: 3
[b]Length[/b]: 27.54 m
[b]Height[/b]: 6.40 m
[b]Rotor diameter[/b]: 21.59 m
[b]Empty weight[/b]: 10,850 kg
[b]Max. takeoff weight[/b]: 15,500 kg
- 30 seated troops or 45 standing troops
- 3,061 kg of internal payload
- 5,532 kg of external payload
- 16 stretchers
[b]Powerplant[/b]: 2  Quentin TS-16 turboshafts, 2,800 kW

[b]Maximum speed[/b]: 300 km/h
[b]Range[/b]: 800 km
[b]Service ceiling[/b]: 5,000 m

- 4  homing torpedoes or depth charges


[size=200][b]H166 Reindeer Medium Utility Helicopter[/b][/size]


The [b]H166 Reindeer Medium Utility Helicopter[/b] is a medium-lift helicopter used in both military and civil applications based the older Nolon prototype helicopter. Produced by Noronica by [url=]Hunter Defence Systems[/url], it is designed for medium-lift and utility operations and it is specifically designed to be a naval utility helicopter. The H166 is the result of the redesign and modernisation of the 1958 Nolon Medium-lift Helicopter, with upgraded high-tech avionics, a complete redesign of the airframe, addition of weapon systems, and upgraded engines, transmission and rotor blades. The helicopter currently has an empty weight of 10,850 kg and a maximum weight of 15,500 kg, is 27.54 metres long, 6.40 metres tall and has a rotor diameter of 21.59 metres.

[center][b]Nolon Prototype (c. 1958)[/b][/center][/box][/floatleft]
The Nolon was a Noronnican helicopter of the 1950's made after several design attempts at constructing a utility helicopter. A large cargo design, it was powered by two turboshaft engines driving a single, five-bladed rotor. Initially unclad, the tubular steel space airframe was used in the place of the main fuselage. It was designed and built as a private venture without government assistance, however, it was later adopted and contracted by the Department for Defence for export and for the use of the armed forces.

The H166 Reindeer program was announced by the Department for Defence in 2006 to produce a medium-utility helicopter primarily for naval purposes. The Department for Defence awarded the contract to [url=]Hunter Defence Systems[/url] who decided to redesign the earlier Nolon large-utility Helicopter.

The H166 Reindeer was designed for operating in extreme weather conditions as it is fitted with a de-icing system and rated to operate in temperatures ranging from −45 to +50 C. The helicopter's control systems allow the H166 Reindeer to maintain a stable hover in 74 km/h crosswinds. It has several key improvements over the original Nolon helicopter as part of the Department for Defence's requirements. The structure of the fuselage is modular and is built with an aluminium-lithium alloy, designed to be light and highly damage-resistant. The H166 Reindeer carries four Noronnican-developed homing torpedoes or depth charges. Most variants are fitted with self-defence systems, such as chaff and flare dispensers, directed infrared jammers, ESM, and a laser detection and warning system. The H166 Reindeer also features a network of helicopter management and mission systems, it is also fitted with a digital automatic flight control system. The H166 Reindeer uses a GPS receiver and inertial navigation system, VHF omnidirectional radio range, instrument landing system, tactical air navigation system, and automatic direction finding.

[url=]Hunter Defence Systems[/url] also produced a civilian variant which is mainly used for search and rescue operations by Coast Guard services.


[tr][td][nation=short]Noronica[/nation][/td][td][url=]Noronnican Navy[/url][/td][td]23[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][nation=short]Ostehaar[/nation][/td][td][url=]Air Force of Ostehaar[/url][/td][td]20[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][nation=short]Covonant[/nation][/td][td][url=]Union Air Force[/url][/td][td]10[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][nation=short]Masurbia[/nation][/td][td][url=]Masurbian Air Force[/url][/td][td]43[/td][/tr]

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[center][i]~ Thanks to [nation=short]Albion Invicta[/nation] for the line drawing ~[/i][/center]

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