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History of Our Mottos and Their Meaning

Lux E Tenebris (S1-S58)
Usually associated with Freemasonry, the phrase means "light out of the darkness", and comes from an old Medieval belief that the Sun was the child of the night, and it meant in that time, the truth (masonic) is born from initiation. When the founders first used it, to them it meant, the light is born from darkness, and vice versa, meaning do not fear the dark or the light, but love both. It has also been meant to mean Europa is the light born from the dark.

Pacem in Terris (S58-S154)
Originally a papal statement, it meant "Peace on Earth", and was chosen as a symbol of West Europa's growing role as a peacekeeper in times of war around the world. Similar to the first motto, it was a sign of Europa's evolution into a peaceful power who refused to utilize war as a solution and strive for world peace.

Astra inclinant, sed no obligant (S154-)
An old Latin phrase, it means the "The Stars incline us, they do not bind us". It means that fate and destiny made nudge us into a path, but there is always free will and the path to make our own destiny. Chosen to symbolize Europa and how its people's free will will always remain free.

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