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A Government For All - CLP Manifesto June 2017

Manifesto for the Prime Ministerial and Parliamentary elections, June 2017, ratified at the Classical Liberal Convention of June 2017, on June 21, 2017:


I. Freedom and Liberty

WE PLEDGE to forever defend rights and freedoms, and ensure their free exercise in the Union.

The Classical Liberal Party has always done massive work in both Government and the Parliament to guarantee the rights and protect the freedoms of the Citizens of the Union.

II. Efficient Government

WE PLEDGE to get the government of the Union back on track, and move the region forward while making sure that the governmentís resources are being used to their full potential.

The Classical Liberal Party has authored and introduced the majority of the laws currently in effect in the Union, protecting our rights and making sure that our government works efficiently for the people.
Yet for months now, our government has been paralyzed by an inactive Prime Minister, who has let laws protecting the citizens of the Union from injustice and repression lie unpublicized and unimplemented, and who has, to all appearances, made no plan to sustain the Unionís growth and activity. He has completely neglected his duties as Head of Government to coordinate executive strategy, giving them no prompts to follow in their policy, which has resulted in a veritable shut-down of the Executive Branch.

III. Integrity

WE PLEDGE to deliver on all the promises we make in this Manifesto to the best of our ability, and to let our judgment be guided by our sense of duty to the people and to the Union.

The Classical Liberal Party is united in its determination to honor its promises and core values: we said that we would boost regional population growth with a recruitment system, and we did just that; we said that we would create a Judicial system that protected people from arbitrary punishment, and we did - the only problem being that the current administration has completely ignored it; we we said that we would pass a law guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of citizens, and we did; and the list goes on.

IV. Peopleís Voice

WE PLEDGE to continue to always listen to our constituentsí ideas and concerns, and to promote the citizensí expression of their views and projects on the Citizenís Forum.

The Classical Liberal Party has always been most attentive to the needs and requests of the citizens of the Union, to whom we are accountable under all circumstances.

V. A Vision for the Future

WE PLEDGE to make sure the government does all in its power to fulfill the potential of our Union.
WE PLEDGE to advance the principals of democracy wherever possible within the Union, creating a just and equal platform for all citizens to launch their nationís from.
WE PLEDGE to keep legislating for the people of the Union, putting rational and logical thought into the expression of the law Ė specifically to pursue the following policies:
- Implement the Judicial system of the Union, ignored under the current administration;
- Promote the Regional Map once it is unveiled, and ensure that its implementation is to the benefit of all nations;
- Actively seek out further ways to bring the nations of our region together under a common identity.

The Classical Liberal Party believes in a progressive, hopeful, and proud future for our Union, a future which we always have and always will fight for.

The Classical Liberal Party is committed to this region, and will not let YOU down.

The Free Republic of Abdoa