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IGW (Imperium Galactic War) Fallen Angels Info Hub

Fallen Angels IGW Info Hub

This is a test Dispatch concerning some off Site things. (Will be edited Later)

Base Construction and Defense

An opening statement concerning what info will be under this header to go here. Your base is made up of many different buildings, some aid in ship creation others in base defense, others still in different areas.

Base defense: Info Blurb here, IE: Concerning Base Formats, there are multiple configurations that are or rather were popular throughout the game. examples of these range from a multi layer square to grid formats, varying between 9 squarea dn 16 square grids. (examples of each type would be linked to as well.

Fleet Building and Blue Prints

Fleets are an integral part of the game. not every fleet is the same, as most ships can have a variety of combinations.

PVE fleets: Info Blurb here, IE: Concerning the PVE Fleet: fighting NPc opponents and PC opponents are two similar yyet diffrent things.

And so on and so forth.

The Darkness Worshipers of Shadowwell