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Writings from the Collapse

I was there when the Tower fell, right up on the Wall. You know, you never really appreciate just how tall those things are, not when you're up on top of 'em, not when you've lived under them your whole life, not when people show up from near and far and drive right through the Gates like they're hardly even there. They didn't used to be as tall as they were, if I've got my history right. Built 'em up over generations. Started as these little, single-story battlements, didn't even have a proper gate, if they thought they were getting attacked, they'd just brick in all the entrances, and plink away at invaders from the Wall. But, maybe an hour before the Tower fell, we're marching back to the West Wall, 'cause we've just reclaimed it, you see. Talks tore through it back on day 3, I was there too, would've fallen with it if I hadn't been ferrying Ammo for the Artillery. Anyway, so as we come up on the thing, couple of us get called off to survey the collapse. We got right in the hole, thing was wreckage all the way down, you had Concrete, that reinforced thing they built the new sections out of, look far enough down, you'd get these, ancient, sand-blasted bricks. Look far enough up, and there it was. Centuries of construction slowly building higher and thicker, old Eclipse Emblems hung from decrepit Crossbow cuts, bit higher, Lerandan Banners, faded, torn, rotted, but you could still sort of see the colours. Right up to the top there, looking nearly straight up, you just see the top, bits of Rebar sticking out of the wall. They call us to the top of the thing, and I take a look down, same story, except it turns out that bit of Metal I was standing on was a Fighter. One of the new ones too, can't have crashed too long ago, those Reinforcements showed up couple hours previous. And just, all of a sudden, you hear this screech, coming from the North, gettin' louder. And we're lookin' out to the wastes for it, see a little Talk armour Convoy tryin' to move in on the Gate, but nobody else was caring about it, and some guy from the 6th Legion pulls me over, and points, and you can just make out this little black dot, getting larger, screechin' gets louder. Bunch a fighters fly right overhead, they we're ours, but they were moving at full blast towards this little dot, and it just hits me. That's a Talk Bomber. Our guys just make it, thing gets thrown into a spin, straight into the Military Tower, just below the crossover. You just see this huge fireball, and then the top half of the tower just comes out of it, straight to the ground. Makes another cloud, Senate tower falls couple minutes later. And that was it. We went from driving out the Talks to being totally overrun in about 20 minutes. We get news that 1st, 32nd, and 14th Legions got caught right at the Tower, totally wiped out. 12th shows up at the Gate, blows the damn thing open, didn't even give us time to open the damn thing. Turns out, they didn't even know we were there. They forge this corridor through the city, and this huge convoy from all corners of Tinfect comes pourin' through this gate, and we don't got any orders, no idea what to do, so we do what an Artillery-Company does best. We take the guns that still work, and start firin' em off wherever we see Talks. Didn't hit anything, but sure kept 'em off the convoy.

~ UTCS Artillery Gunner Seltan Viraltek, recovered audio log from UTCS Remnants Base 'Desolation'.