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Everything you wanted to know about us... well, not quite, because we haven't finished yet

The Glorious People's Republic of
Democratic Yaradan


Motto: Illegitimi Non Carborundum! Latin for Don't let the b*****ds grind you down!


Population: 9,259,294 (2016 Log of Citizenry)
-Density: about 55 people per kmē
-All Time Population since Independence: 38,204,482

Capital: Yaradania
Largest City: Again, Yaradania

Official/National Language: English, with strong restrictions on what can be said/written

Demonym: Yaradanian

the Cabinet:
- Leader of Democratic Yaradan: Citizen #0000000000 (M)
- Home Secretary: Citizen #0002A54A24 (M)
- Foreign Secretary: Citizen #0001803471 (F)
- Defence Secretary: Citizen #0001998625 (M)
- Yaradanian Enterprise Secretary: Citizen #00016BA400 (M)
- Economics Secretary: Citizen #0001207B00 (F)
- Culture Secretary: Citizen #0001A9474B4 (M)

solely comprised of the Cabinet (selected from those in the bureaucracy)

Establishment: a merger between capitalist West Yaradan and communist East Yaradan
Independence (if you can call it that): 17th March 1985

Land Area: 103,098miē /// 165,920kmē
Area of Lake Yaradania: 924kmē
Area of Lake Sepora: 293kmē
Lake Water Area %: 0.73%

Highest Point: Patriotic Fathers' Mountain (1,093m)
Lowest Point: The coastal bits (0m)

GDP (nominal): 182,666,000,000 DYU (about 183 trillion units)
GDP (nominal) per capita: 19,855 DYU

Human Development Index (NS Version): About 35. May look high,
but actually low by both world and PD standards.

Currency: Unit

Time Zone: GMT+0700 - Democratic Yaradan Time (DYT)

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +87

Internet TLD: GPRDY has no internet connection. See "Media" below.


In this document, only decimal values shall be used, unless duodecimal is specifically required. All references to "Democratic" with a capital D are to be construed as references to the demonym-adjective for GPRDY, not to be confused with "d*******ic" (deemed subversive in the GPRDY).

The Glorious People's Republic of Democratic Yaradan (or just Democratic Yaradan; hereinafter GPRDY) is a dictatorial bureaucracy in the region of Psychotic Dictatorships, roleplayed as an island nation that is a couple of hundred miles from anywhere else. GPRDY covers about 166,000 square kilometers, with an approximate population of 9.2 million. GPRDY is a unitary state - all power is focused in Yaradania.
GPRDY has generally been isolationist throughout its history, with communication only with other Psychotic Dictatorships. It remains unknown as to whether they will step out into the wider stage.

Etymology & Naming Conventions
The island of Yaradan was originally discovered some time in the early 19th century. Some say that the name was given because one of the natives was asked for a name and he spurted out three random syllables, but this is put into dispute by patriotic citizens of GPRDY (which, effectively, is everybody in GPRDY), who claim that Citizen #0000000000 gave the nation that name "out of his own inspiration and inspiring". To learn more about how it's become what it's become, see "History" below.
The standard way to refer to a citizen of the GPRDY is as a Yaradanian. In terms of referring to citizens as individuals, the Cornerstone Document of the GRPDY explicitly stated that all names shall be converted to "a duodecimal naming structure with ten digits," and the 6,520,394 (DUODECIMAL: 2,225,462) Yaradanians given their digits; the leader got 0000000000, the others assigned in order of birth. This means that, all in all, there can be 1,003,290,623 Yaradanians stored in the system before the transition to eleven digits.
Naming conventions: Those that died before the ratification of GPRDY's Cornerstone Document on 14th April 1985 may be referenced using their normal names. Non-Yaradanians are referenced by their English names - DEAREST LEADER is referred to as DEAREST LEADER, not a duodecimal name). Generally, people are referred to using the first four nonzero digits of their name, and/or their job title (i.e. YaraMart shelf-stacker 9208, or just 9208); the Citizen is often dropped when referring to people.
Citizen #000000000000 is always referred to as just "the Glorious People's Leader" in the media (and the legal codex); their ministers are also referred to as such. Distinctions are generally made between them and foreign government officials (anybody new to our media will quickly realise there is a difference between "the Home Secretary" and "British Home Secretary Amber Rudd").
Duodecimal only applies to the names of those citizens of Democratic Yaradan born on or after the 14th April 1985. As you know, everybody else gets a personal name. All other mathematical work (including school maths) is focused on decimal units; dates and times remain the same as they are in the rest of the world.


Yeah, will update later. For now, just assume: Tribesmen found in 1800s, Yaradan thought up randomly (see Etymology), colonisers take over Yaradania in the 1840s and split half-and-half with the tribesmen, 1890s war sees colonisers take over entire island, 1920s natives and rejected colonisers gather in the south to discuss invasion plans, 1930s fight sees island split half-and-half between tyrannical communists and just-as-tyrannical capitalists again, wall built in late 1940s, countries hate each other for best part of 30 years; wall destroyed in many places in 1981, a war is then resparked which results in a meeting to merge the two countries into one superdictatorship called Democratic Yaradan. Little change in DemYara politics and landscape at all ever since, despite moderate condemnation and more isolationist attitudes.





The population of the GPRDY has grown steadily in the past 30 years, from 6.7 million to 9.2 million. Immigration is low and generally from other dictatorial nations (or those from elsewhere wishing to take a look), and is unlikely to have any significant effect on Democratic birth rates any time soon.
The GPRDY uses the English language; however, strict controls are in place to prevent subversive thoughts and actions, and anybody who carries out these subversive actions is almost certainly going to be shot dead by National Security Forces within 10 minutes. Imported media will be checked for these subversive thoughts, and anything that contravenes it will be put on a blacklist and is prohibited from further import (other media is put on a whitelist, and so can legally be taken into the nation).
Other than atheism or agnosticism, only one religion is legally allowed to be expressed in the GPRDY: the Yaradanian Church, a church which - as per Tarnished Defector #0002000370 - "assures Yaradanians they're going to heaven, and says that everybody else is hellbound unless they accept Jesus as their saviour and the Leader as their future". The Yaradanian Church is the official state religion of GPRDY, and over 97% of the population - including the Glorious People's Leader himself, as has been public knowledge for quite some time - list it as their personal belief.
99% Caucasian, and 1% others.

Largest Cities



Metro area population































Bureaucracy and the Cabinet

Foreign Relations and Military
Outside of Psychotic Dictatorships, GPRDY has engaged in very little overseas diplomacy at all.
GPRDY does hold a military force of about 60,000, but this is only about 0.65% of the Yaradanian population, and is effectively used for self-defence. Many Yaradanians would prefer entering the bureaucracy to the military.


Economic Indicators

Rank: Very, very low down the table
Currency: the Unit (GYU)
Fiscal Year: 1st April to 31st March

GDP (nominal): 182,666,000,000 DYU
GDP (nominal) per capita: 18,000 DYU. All citizens receive
1,500 DYU a month from the government.
Labor Force: Under law, all Yaradanians over the age of 16
(but not in education) must be employed in one of the GPRDY's
state-owned enterprises, or on a farm (see left).
Unemployment: 3% (percentage of students in education after 16)



The DYTV ident since the Bureaucracy Purge of 1993.
With Democratic


Almost entirely comprised of fossil fuels, despite solar energy being popular in the desert areas.

Template Origins
This template was created by The Free Republic of Ponderosa (opposed by GPRDY ICly due to conflicting political systems; but they're good OOCly).
This template, in its most template-y form possible, is available here.

We are representatives of the peoples of the island of Yaradan, gathered here on this 15th day of April, nineteen eighty-five, to compile a list of legalities that shall be adhered to by all peoples residing in the newly-found Glorious People's Republic of Democratic Yaradan.

These "subversive" actions include f*****m, d*******y and d*******ic e*******s, and c***l r****s.
Democratic Yaradan - its land, territorial waters, and airspace combined - is a unitary state, indivisble for all eternity under the benevolent rule of the Glorious People's Leader (whosoever that shall be); intent on keeping its territory unperturbed by any forces that wish to disrupt it (hereinafter "subversive" forces, acts or thoughts). Subversive acts shall be crimes punishable by no less than the death sentence, or likewise execution by police or the army.

Democratic Yaradan shall be focused not on any one political ideology, but instead on the Glorious People's Bureaucracy and the Cabinet that it and the people are subjected to, and to the rule of law; and to the peoples engaging in state-operated enterprises to keep Yaradanians with all of the essentials that are seen necessary. The Glorious People's Bureaucracy acts in a meritocratic manner, selecting those whose excellence earlier in life and patriotism to our Glorious People's Republic make them appropriate to shape our national policy.

Most focally of all, the Glorious People's Republic shall be served by the people; you, the people of this nation and this island, are to be the focus of all of our policies and the master of your own destinies.

The Cabinet shall consist of the Glorious People's Leader, and six secretaries: For home affairs, foreign affairs, military affairs, Yaradanian enterprise, media/culture, and for economics/national budget management. The Glorious People's Leader has the right to amend laws and decrees, and to affix their signature to them; the secretaries also have the rights to amend laws relating to their sector. No law may be amended in contradiction of national laws, or in support of subversive beliefs. This Constitution may be amended only with the support of every Cabinet member, and 70% of the Glorious People's Bureaucracy.

All businesses in the Glorious People's Republic shall be run by the state on behalf of the people; it is a crime punishable by no less than deportation to set up a private business in the nation. Furthermore, all utilities (such as water, gas, and electricity), transportation/maintenance, as well as healthcare and emergency services, shall be run solely by the Glorious People's Republic.

It is the duty of the Glorious People's Bureaucracy and its Cabinet to publicise, fully and immediately, the extent and content of all laws, by-laws and orders of Democratic Yaradan.

All ethnic groups shall have the ability to practice any acts which are not subversive. However, it is important to note that all foreign entities entering the Glorious People's Republic shall follow its laws and traditions, and are recommended to follow those acts and traditions of any ethnic groups they may interact with.

It is the duty of the Glorious People's Bureaucracy and its Cabinet to defend, uphold and promote the values and culture of Democratic Yaradan.

All peoples in Democratic Yaradan have the ability to either participate in the Yaradanian denomination of Christianity, atheism or agnosticism only. All other religious beliefs are not permitted.

At the very minimum, education in the Glorious People's Republic is mandatory from age 5 up until age 16; with options to continue up to age 18 or into further education. All peoples that complete their education must be offered work by the state and its enterprises. Education shall be provided solely by the state.

Democratic Yaradan shall employ military forces solely to defend the Glorious People's Republic, and to uphold Section 1 of this Cornerstone Document.

All peoples who have resided in Democratic Yaradan's territory before the ratification of this Cornerstone Document, or were born to such parents, or who have resided for less but who have shown overwhelming devotion to the Glorious People's Republic, shall be granted Citizenship of the Nation. Normal numbering structures for mathematical equations, times, dates, football scorelines, etc. shall remain the same.

For all citizens residing in Democratic Yaradan on or after the ratification of this Cornerstone Document, a duodecimal naming structure with ten digits shall be implemented, and applied to all citizens. For those that died before the ratification of this Cornerstone Document, they shall be identified by their normal names; likewise for those who are not and never have been citizens of the Glorious People's Republic.

The home is inviolable. The state shall not infringe on any private dwellings without the permission of the owner (or in the event of serious legal breaches for which the police occupation of the dwelling is necessary); nor shall individuals themselves infringe on state property without the permission of the government of Democratic Yaradan. Private property shall be deemed to have been owned by private persons as of the ratification of this Cornerstone Document; in addition, houses built by the state and occupied by private persons after the ratification of this Cornerstone Document shall also be deemed private property.

The Unit shall be established as the currency of Democratic Yaradan.

Each person that must work shall work for not less than eight nor more than eleven hours per day. Each citizen in work shall recieve 1,500 Units at the end of each month; and shall have their income taxed at exactly 10% (failure to pay this tax, which occurs at the end of the year, will result in new income being suspended for three months). Due to monetary concerns (including, but not limited to, those in further education not working), all education - primary, secondary, tertiary, and higher - shall be free.

Each person shall be entitled to the following holidays:
  • New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

  • Independence Day on the 17th of March

  • Constitution Day on the 14th of April

  • Flag Day on the 12th of May

  • Physical Culture Day on the 29th of September

  • Traditions kept within the vein of Yaradanian Christianity: including Christmas/Boxing Day, the Easter weekend, and the Day of Thankfulness (the third Monday of July).

English shall be the language of Democratic Yaradan. However, owing to the complex web of subversive content that may seep through the nation (due to our choice of language), all media shall be screened for subversive content, and whitelisted, blacklisted or redacted as necessary.

Citizens shall have the right to leave and re-enter Democratic Yaradan as may be, but with a warning that the spreading and promotion of subversive acts and beliefs are prohibited and also punishable by death.

The Glorious People's Republic shall give asylum to all those persecuted whilst sharing core common beliefs, especially as set out in this Cornerstone Document.

Justice shall be delivered under this Cornerstone Document (and the laws which are built upon it) by the courts of law. Each person shall be deemed guilty unless otherwise proven innocent. All crimes shall be determined through the courts of law, except for treason, which carries an immediate sentence of death.

The flag of the Glorious People's Republic shall be a flag in the ratio of 1:2 divided into two squares: the left square shall have a red star on a yellow background; whilst the right square shall have a yellow star on a red background. Its capital and center of operations shall be Yaradania.

To this extent, and with undying love towards our land, we are signatories to the Cornerstone Document upon which all laws and conduct shall be built!
(note: the Cornerstone Document received Cabinet approval on the 14th of April 1985. The date listed in the Preamble is the date of ratification; drawing up the document had started on Independence Day.)

1st Amendment - passed March 1997
The Glorious People's Republic shall not have an internet connection. Instead, public residences (such as libraries, schools and buildings run by the Glorious People's Bureaucracy) shall hold computers running the operating system "Osiris", featuring all necessary tools to advance the people of the nation, in addition to a browser which can access the new YaraNet through which all resources relating to the nation may be found. Osiris shall be delivered within 12 months of the passage of this resolution, and will be subjected to various free updates.

Democratic yaradan