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VP90 MK 3 Velociraptor

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VP90 MK 3 Velociraptor


Personal defence weapon/
submachine gun

Place of origin

Etoile Arcture

Service history

In service

2004 - present

Used by

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Production history


Sequoia Weaponworks




Sequoia Weaponworks

Unit cost


Number built

A fair few I guess


VP90 MK 3



1.4 kg empty,
1.8 kg loaded (30 rounds),
2.7 kg loaded (100 rounds)


523 mm w/ stock extended,
303 mm w/ stock folded

Barrel length

150 mm


  • 6.5×25 mm CBJ

  • 9×19 mm Parabellum

  • Action

    short recoil, locking
    rotating barrel, delayed

    Rate of fire

    800-900 rounds/min cyclic

    Muzzle velocity

    815 m/s

    Effective firing range

    50 m vs point target,
    200 m vs area target

    Maximum firing range

    400 m

    Feed system

    20- or 30-round box mag,
    100-round drum mag


    rear notch and front post

    The VP90 MK 3 "Velociraptor" is a lightweight, single feed, short recoil operated, delayed blowback, selective fired, tactical machine pistol chambered for both 6.5×25 mm CBJ and 9×19 mm Parabellum cartridges. The primary qualities of the "Velociraptor" is ultra compact size, high strength lightweight polymer construction, a last-shot bolt hold-open (BHO) mechanism for rapid reloading, super light recoil operating system and low bore axis for enhancing accuracy, and ambidextrous controls. It is hammer fired from the closed bolt position for enhanced first-shot accuracy. The VP90 MK 3 is designed for combat in confined spaces and for concealed carry, providing a multifunction personal defence weapon (PDW) with the power of a submachine gun packaged in the form factor of an oversized machine pistol.



    The VP90 MK 3 emerged out of requirements issued by the Etoile Arcture Defence Forces during the late-1990s for a light and compact weapon with advanced ergonomics to arm rear echelon troops and provide a backup/survival weapon for dismounted vehicle crew and aircrew. The final design was an amalgam of the Steyr TMP (Taktische Maschinenpistole/Tactical Machine Pistol), which provides the basic mould line and operating system licensed from Steyr-Mannlicher, and engineering improvements borrowed from the Brügger & Thomet MP9 modernised version chambered in the 6.5 mm CBJ cartridge developed by CBJ Tech in the late-1990s. The VP90 MK 3 differs from the original TMP by switching from proprietary DCEF 1313 high-impact resin polymer to DuPont Zytel Super Tough ST-8018 polymers (14% short glass-fibre reinforced Nylon 66 polyamide) in construction, addition of a side-folding stock borrowed from the MP9, and a new enlarged trigger guard with moulded P90-style foregrip.


    The receiver housing encloses the action consisting of a breech block telescoped around the rear barrel to form a recoil operated closed-bolt rotating barrel assembly. This locks and unlocks during the firing cycle to absorb recoil impulses using eight lugs. At the moment of firing the barrel is internally locked to the breech. Initially, it moves back with the breech under gas pressure, but after a 4 mm run it begins a 180° rotation clockwise. This is controlled by a cylinder fixed to the forward sleeve which engages a helical slot on the side of the barrel. By the time the cam reaches the end of the slot the barrel has stopped moving, but will have rotated enough for the breech to have unlocked itself. The breech continues moving to the rear, extracting and ejecting the empty case. This action is strictly reversed in the forward movement of the working parts; the breech is thus positively locked upon firing, whilst also delaying the subsequent opening. This helps to limit the recoil impulse for greater controllability by reducing the cyclic rate to a manageable 800-900 rounds per minute.
    Operating controls are fully ambidextrous including an AR15-style T-shaped rear charging handle, magazine ambidextrous release catch and push button cross-bolt safety/selector located over the pistol grip. Fire control is an adjustable dual-stage trigger using increasing pressure to select, with a half-pull for semi-auto fire and a full-length pull for full-auto fire mode. A smooth and crisp trigger pull aids first round accuracy and ensures tight groupings. Safeties include an automatic out-of-battery safety, manually activated crossbolt trigger safety, and an automatic safety catch (drop safety) that engages a firing pin/bolt block to prevent accidental discharge if dropped or jolted. Magazines feed from the pistol grip which uses a proprietary 100 round helical drum magazine, licensed from CBJ Tech in the case of the 6.5 mm CBJ high velocity ammunition, or a lower capacity (20 or 30 round) conventional double-stack translucent high-impact plastic magazine for feeding 9 mm Para ammunition.


    The VP90 MK 3 is constructed as upper and lower receivers, moulded in abrasion and impact-resistant DuPont Zytel Super Tough ST-8018 nylon resin polymer, that fully shroud an alloy steel barrel/bolt/breech assembly. The lower receiver consists of a moulded grip with trigger guard and foregrip, and is mated to the upper receiver with a cut-out for the ejection port. A Glock-style sliding takedown latch is located over the foregrip. The upper receiver contains the breech assembly with a spring-biased ejector port cover, a bolt group that telescopes into the breech, recoil spring and guide, and cold hammer-forged chrome-lined polygonal rifled barrel. The lower receiver contains the trigger group, hammer unit and safety devices. Ergonomic features include a rounded and smoothed snag-free shape, non-slip ribbing on the pistol grip and fore-end, and an oversized trigger guard built as an integral foregrip with hand stop.
    The upper receiver integrates low profile emergency battle sights (an elevation-adjustable cylindrical post front and a winged, windage-adjustable notch rear with tritium night sights), and MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail on the top cover for mounting any aftermarket reflex sight. A rail attachment point is provided on the right side of the receiver for tactical lights and lasers, and a sling point on the rear for a one-point double-loop padded sling. A detachable side-folding polymer buttstock is mounted to the rear and has a rubberised non-slip buttplate. The stock swings clear of the trigger guard/foregrip, ejector port, side rails and rear charging handle, lying flush with the forward grip when folded to create compact dimensions that fit within the size of an A4 sheet of paper. The weapon can be fired from an off-hand position pulling taut on the sling for stability, or two-handed with the stock folded or extended and grasping the foregrip to maintain a good sight picture.


    The VP90 MK 3 can fire both standard 9×19 mm Luger/Parabellum subsonic ammunition and 6.5×25 mm CBJ high velocity ammunition by a simple swap of the barrel and return spring. The 6.5 mm CBJ cartridge is a rimless bottleneck round dimensionally similar to a 9 mm Para cartridge with a stretched and necked-down aluminium case. The standard round is loaded with a 4 mm sub-calibre tungsten penetrator on a lightweight polymer sabot that delivers terminal effects similar to a full-sized armour piercing (AP) rifle round at short range, having a high hit probability due to the flat trajectory of the high velocity round, and high energy transfer to the target enabling it to defeat US NIJ Level III body armour and thin vehicle armour. The round can be loaded with different sub-calibre bullets: a high ballistic coefficient spitzer bullet of high sectional density that perforates barriers with low ricochet, or a spoon tip or "Löffelspitz" bullet with an axisymetric chiselled tip that yaws and tumbles in soft tissue producing a large and catastrophic wound channel. For non-military use such as close protection and law enforcement where low collateral damage is required full-calibre ammunition is available including a lightweight brass-jacketted high energy transfer (HET) ball round effective to 50 metres, and a frangible round with polymer tip and compressed copper powder loading that shatters on impact to prevent over-penetration and ricochet. The latter has qualities applicable to uses ranging from close quarters combat training with steel targets to combat situations such hostage rescue, and takedown of aircraft hijackers/terrorists without any risk of penetrating aircraft aluminium and acrylic glass.


    The muzzle end of the barrel is protected by a muzzle cap that is shaped to accept a sound suppressor licensed from Brügger & Thomet. The 50 mm diameter dry suppressor is made from hardcoat anodized aluminium with steel baffles and secures to the muzzle using a three-lug quick detachable (QD) mounting attachment system. The suppressor reduces audible signature by 33 dB and totally eliminates all flash while retaining the full stopping power of the ammunition. A short section of Picatinny rail is provided under the can for mounting a tactical flashlight or laser sight.


    VP90 MK 3


      Etoile Arcture

      • Etoile Arcture Special Forces

      • Etoile Arcture Ground Forces

      • Etoile Arcture Aerospace Forces

      • Etoile Arcture Maritime Forces


      • Armée de Terre

      • Service Aéronautique

      • Force Navale

      • Force Marine

      • Forces Spéciales


      • Dominion Standard Regular Army

      • Dominion Standard Special Force

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      Specifications (VP90 MK 3)

      • Cartridge: 6.5×25 mm CBJ, 9×19 mm Parabellum

      • Action: short recoil, delayed blowback

      • Locking: locking rotating barrel

      • Weight: 1.4 kg empty, 1.8 kg (30 rounds), 2.7 kg (100 rounds) loaded

      • Overall length: 523 mm w/ stock extended, 303 mm w/ stock folded

      • Barrel length: 150 mm

      • Muzzle device: ?

      • Feed type: 20- or 30-round, detachable box magazine, double column (9 mm Para), 100-rounds, drum magazine, helical (6.5 mm CBJ)

      • Sights: rear notch and front post + aftermarket reflex sight or red dot sight

      • Muzzle velocity: 815 m/s

      • Effective range:

        • 50 m vs point target

        • 200 m vs area target

      • Fire control: two-stage, constant pressure

      • Rate of fire: 40-100 rpm practical, 800-900 rpm cyclic

      • Trigger pull: 27.5 N pull

      • Unit replacement cost: US$250